Day: November 19, 2008

“Joe the Plumber”, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin–PLEASE GO AWAY!

Now that the election is over, one would think that we would not have to deal with "Joe the Plumber",  Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin.  But no such luck, unfortunately 🙁

"Joe the Plumber"  (Sam Wurzelbacher) now accuses Senator John McCain of not defending Sarah Palin from criticism that she caused him the election, except for the fact he PRECISELY did that on a late night talk show and has always been gracious to her, at least in public.  I do have to wonder what his true feelings are, however :)  LOL

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota had talked about members of Congress and Barack Obama being anti American and needing to be investigated, in the middle of October on HARD BALL with Chris Matthews, but yesterday went on Hannity and Colmes to deny she ever said that.  She seems to have forgotten about video tapes and the fact that many saw her interview with Chris Matthews, including the author.  She has a bit of a problem in telling the truth, but after all, she is a religious woman, so that does not matter, since she apparently knows the ULTIMATE TRUTH !  🙂

Sarah Palin has gone on a wave of interviews with media that she avoided during the campaign, and has invoked God wanting her to open any door of opportunity and go through it.  Can we possibly stop bringing the deity into the political system, as the voters clearly repudiated the right wing of the Republican party in the recent election?  As the author has stated elsewhere, the GOP MUST move away from the Christian right and not be held hostage by it if it wishes to revive as a serious alternative for voters.  And it should be pointed out that the Christian right has nowhere to go even if unhappy with the moderation move by the Republican party, as they are not about to vote Democratic, so PLEASE stop catering to one third of the country and go back to the Founding Fathers who emphasized SEPARATION of church and state!

My conclusion for "Joe the Plumber", Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin, is PLEASE GO AWAY!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  🙂