The Trump Crowds And Trump Bullyism And Lies: What Do They Tell Their Children After These Rallies?

The issue of basic morality and ethics, and the power of a crowd, comes into play as one watches Trump crowds at campaign rallies over the past two years since Donald Trump became President.

It is one thing to excuse people who had hope for change who voted for Donald Trump two years ago.

But how these same people can still support Donald Trump when they see his bullyism, his over 5,000 verifiable lies in office, more than 8 per day on the average, and witness the terrible example he presents for our future generations. They will be the recipients of the long term damage he has wrought on the nation, while he is constantly enriching himself, his real aim in being President, not the welfare of the American people.

Do these parents and grandparents encourage their sons to be bullies, their daughters to accept sexual abuse, and all of them to lie openly with no consequences?

What kind of people are these blue collar, working class people, who are so poorly educated that they accept a con man, a used car salesman, as a person to follow?

One sees these people laughing, as Trump insults everyone, and encourages attacks on journalists doing their job, and tells us that the Democrats are evil, rather than opponents.

One sees these people accept without question his statements about Democrats opposing opiod addiction funding, when the Senate voted 98-1 for it, and only a total of 8 members of the House voted no.

These people have no interest in knowledge, facts, truth.

So what is the future of America when children are being brought up by parents who have no morals, ethics, or values?

Sexual Bullying: The Responsibility of Parents, Churches And Politicians!

Lately, there has been a noticeable increase in sexual bullying, with five young men ages 11-18 committing suicide in various ways after being harassed for being gay.

Of course, bullying also goes on at the middle and high school level for those who are short, fat, handicapped, black, hispanic, jewish, muslim and other factors.

All of it is regrettable and is avoidable, but the gay bullying is the worst right now, an epidemic!

This is a very serious matter, and must be addressed by parents who must cease their prejudices and fears, as it is passed on to their children!

But it is also the responsibility of churches, where pastors preach against gays, and politicians who exploit the issue for their own benefit, to stop and realize that they are responsible morally for the hate that they peddle! πŸ™

It is time for people of religion to stop peddling hate, and for politicians to work to UNITE the American people, instead of dividing them!