Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey For President? Absolutely Not!

We have entered the silly season, when Democrats, who are desperate for someone to replace Donald Trump or Mike Pence in 2020, have decided that Oprah Winfrey is the person to nominate and elect President.

This author and blogger has no issue with the significance of Oprah Winfrey to the entertainment community at large.

Oprah has had a wonderful and inspiring career, and has spoken up for much that is good and decent.

It is not an attack on her virtues to say that a speech at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, while inspiring, is not a justification for her to be running for President.

Of course, she can run if she chooses to, but that does not mean America should elect her, or Mark Cuban, or Dwayne Johnson, or Mark Zuckerberg, or any other successful entrepreneur or entertainment star to the White House.

We should have learned from Donald Trump that being successful in entertainment or business does not qualify you to be the leader of the free world, far from it.

All of the above, including Trump, lack EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE in GOVERNMENT and FOREIGN POLICY, and in this complex world, one needs to have had a career in government, as a US Senator, a US House of Representatives member, a Governor, or a Mayor, or possibly a significant cabinet officer, such as Secretary of State, Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, or Attorney General.

One needs a record of accomplishment and involvement in the domestic and foreign policy issues that matter.

Such a person, just one example, is former Vice President Joe Biden, who if not for his age, would be seen as the best person for 2020, but the answer is to use Joe Biden’s great credentials, combined with the idealism and progressive credentials of a Joe Kennedy III or Chris Murphy or Amy Klobuchar or Cory Booker or Eric Garcetti or Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom or numerous others as a Vice President.

Have Joe Biden agree to one term, followed by the likelihood of one of these government leaders succeeding, in theory, for two terms.

Any of the above and even others in government would be far better than a celebrity, such as Oprah Winfrey by vast margins!

Sarah Palin’s Memoir: The Victim

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and Republican Vice Presidential candidate with John McCain in 2008, is about to have her much heralded memoir published this week, and early reports about her interview with Oprah Winfrey and reviews of her book indicate that she sees herself as a victim.

Instead of addressing her real shortcomings and faults in an honest memoir, she chooses to blame McCain campaign advisers, Katy Couric of CBS, and Charley Gibson of ABC for her disastrous performance during the Presidential campaign.

She fails to mention the father of her grandson, Levi Johnston, who himself is quite a character, but has been part of a family rift since the breakup of his relationship with her daughter. He has said that IF he was mentioned in the book in a derogatory manner, that he would reveal all kinds of secrets about the “true” Sarah Palin, and interestingly, he is not mentioned at all, which leads to great suspicion about why he is ignored in the work.

Palin’s memoir also has no index, which is odd, making it more difficult to track down specific points of information without scanning or reading the entire memoir.

Of course, the memoir also had a ghost writer, and was produced in record time, so no one should think this is really Sarah’s doing primarily. As an author of a scholarly work myself, I know how tedious and time consuming writing a book can be, but Sarah seems none the worse for wear LOL 🙂

And get this: Rush Limbaugh has read the book and feels it is one of the best books he has read recently, which tells us he does not do much reading of serious works. But then again, did anyone with any sense really believe that Rush is a learned man who reads serious books that challenge his mind? In fact, the question is does he have a mind to begin with? LOL