Jon Grayson

“The Progressive Professor” Commenting On Election Results Wednesday 1 AM EST On Jon Grayson Overnight AM 1120 KMOX St. Louis!

I am pleased to announce that I will be on the Jon Grayson Overnight show on AM 1120 KMOX St Louis on Wednesday morning at 1 AM to comment on the election results for the Presidency and for the US Senate.

I have been on Jon Grayson’s show three times, and those interviews are on the right side of the blog.

If you have time, and can stay up late, as millions of Americans will, to celebrate victory for Hillary Clinton, be sure to tune in!

Trump Support Hemorraghing Rapidly In “Red” States!

Three weeks to go until the Presidential Election of 2016, and it seems clear, by public opinion polls,that Donald Trump’s support in “Red” states is hemorrhaging rapidly.

His mishandling of the sexual assault allegations has turned many Republicans against him, and his condemnation of Republican leadership, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, is damaging his ability even to hold on to the loyal Republican states.

So we have evidence that the following states are possible pick ups by Hillary Clinton:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Nebraska (or at least the Omaha area)

One can be quite certain that many of these states will, in the end, still back Donald Trump, but by a much smaller margin than for Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008.

But the first four on the above list look ripe for being picked up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

I will post an entry close to the election on my final projections, and I remind my readers that, independent of Nate Silver in 2012, I projected, as he did, the precise electoral vote distribution-332-206.

I also will publish my projection on History News Network, and will be on radio with Jon Grayson of CBS St Louis, KMOX 1120 AM, Overnight with Jon Grayson, one of the radio shows I have been on, and posted on the right side of the blog, on Election Night at 1 AM ET on November 9, a few hours after the polls have closed, to comment on the results.