International Court Of Justice In The Hague

The Second Presidential Debate In Nashville: Joe Biden Has Best Debate And Kristen Welker Triumphs!

Last night’s Nashville Tennessee Presidential debate was far better than the first Presidential debate a few weeks ago simply because Donald Trump finally obeyed the rules, and stopped interrupting Joe Biden and being massively rude.

But the winner of the debate clearly was Joe Biden, who had his best debate of the Presidential campaign season, and proved beyond any doubt that he can perform in such a way as to prove he is nowhere near demented, and is able to make clear his main points and ideas in a cogent manner.

Biden is perfectly capable of being President of the United States, and is much more stable mentally than Donald Trump, who often has come across in the past four years as mentally deranged!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continued to lie, lie, lie with impunity, and demonstrate that he has no plan on health care or the COVID 19 Pandemic, so while he did not harm himself in this debate, he did not gain any points either.

Trump also claimed, laughingly, that he is the least racist person there is, when he is by far by words and actions over a lifetime the most racist President in American history, and makes George Wallace seem mild by comparison! When he mentioned he has done the most of any President on the issue of race since Abraham Lincoln, he forgets Lyndon B. Johnson completely!

Trump also demonstrated he has no concern about his criminal act of separating children from their parents at the border, and now having so many unable to be reunited with their families.

This action should lead to a criminal trial for the President and his entire Cabinet at the Hague, as it is a violation of human rights and international law to mistreat children in any circumstance!

But the star of the debate above all was moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News, who was masterful in keeping control of the timing of the debate, and did herself proud, and this will advance her stature and her career. So congratulations, Kristen!

The Conservative Majority Supreme Court And Texas Governor Rick Perry Message To American Tourists Overseas, Particularly In Mexico: Travel At Your Own Risk!

Last night, a Mexican national who had committed a heinous murder in Texas was executed, which in itself is nothing unusual, and no one is mourning the individual involved.

But what is to be mourned is the fact that the Supreme Court and Texas Governor Rick Perry have just made safety for American tourists overseas, particularly in Mexico, far less certain.

One might ask: how is that so? The answer is that the International Court of Justice in the Hague had ruled in 2004 that at least 50 Mexican citizens on death row in the United States had been denied their rights under the Vienna Convention, which requires that foreign citizens be informed of their right to assistance from the consular officials of their nation in their legal defense.

Nothing had been done by Congress regarding this, and Rick Perry refused to listen to the appeal of President Obama to delay the execution, allow action by Congress, and prevent the danger that American citizens in Mexico could similarly be treated as Texas was dealing with this inmate.

It is troubling that for political reasons, the conservative majority of the Court and the Texas Governor took action that interfered with the foreign policy authority of the Presidency.

And the biggest loser could be American citizens, who now must expect retribution, and the actions of the Supreme Court and Rick Perry, for political gain, make the warning clear: You are on your own if you get into any kind of legal trouble in Mexico, and maybe, anywhere, in theory.