Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Besmirches Family Name, And Compares Vaccines To Nazi Germany And Anne Frank!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the namesake of his famous father, New York Senator and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, is clearly a mental case, who espouses conspiracy theories against all vaccinations, including COVID 19.

He is also against masking, and has no concern about the loss of 860,000 Americans in the two years of the COVID 19 Pandemic!

He spoke at a rally in Washington, DC, this past weekend, alongside other nutty, wacky conspiracy theorists who are promoting the Death Cult, clear and simple!

And Kennedy had the gall to compare vaccines to Anne Frank, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews in World War II!

Additionally, he has claimed that all vaccines cause Autism, which has no scientific validity!

What could be more reprehensible than to compare a life saving vaccine to mass murder by the Nazis?

Kennedy has no shame, but even his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, has openly disagreed with her husband’s lunatic viewpoint, and one can expect that RFK Jr. will soon be divorced yet again!

He also disgrees with his mother and most of his siblings about the assassin of his father in 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, taking the lunatic view that Sirhan did not murder his father, a shocking and totally disgusting assertion!

RFK Jr. seems to have elements of mental illness, and meanwhile, he has besmirched the family name, and one can be sure his own father would be shocked, and would repudiate his renegade son!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Besmirches The Name Of His Father And The Kennedy Family As An Antivaxxer!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, the namesake of his father, former Attorney General and New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was tragically assassinated in June 1968 while seeking the Democratic Presidential nomination, has besmirched the name and legacy of his father and the entire Kennedy family!

The younger Kennedy has become the most prominent anti vaxxer, promoting false and misleading statements about the COVID 19 Pandemic, and therefore has blood on his hands, as his name carries undeserved weight!

He had been an environmental lawyer and author of two best selling books, but has manipulated his prominence as he argues against all vaccines, claiming they cause autism, with absolutely no scientific basis to his assertions.

His advocacy of conspiracy theories has undermined the good works and beliefs that any liberal or progressive would be proud of, and it is sad, and troubling, that he has allowed himself to become a villain in a time of national crisis!

Vaccinations And Republican Doctors: Total Quackery Views Of Dr. Benjamin Carson And Dr. Rand Paul!

One of the worst aspects of the CNN Republican debate on Thursday night was the discussion about the supposed dangers of vaccinations for children, which many uninformed people and conspiracy theorists think causes autism.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but when Donald Trump, a non doctor, makes it an issue in the debate, gullible people tend to take it as gospel!

And when Dr. Benjamin Carson, a pediatric neurologist, and Dr. Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist, say that vaccinations could be dangerous and are unwise to some extent, that is alarming, as the spread of serious diseases that were once overcome by vaccinations in the past 50 years, now become a danger to public health!

If some children are not vaccinated properly and on a schedule, that can lead to an epidemic, as happened with measles in California, recently.

What is it about the Republican Party that they reject medical knowledge widely accepted, with even medical doctors who are candidates for the Presidency, acting like quacks?

And then add the rejection of science—refusal to believe in evolution, and denial of global warming and climate change—and we are back to medieval views of medicine and science in the 21st century!

Our Tendency To See “Quiet, Intelligent, Socially Shy” As Problems, And Autism And Aspergers Syndrome As A Threat, All Of Which Is Untrue!

In the midst of the coverage about the young man, Adam Lanza, who murdered his mother, 20 children and six other adults in Newtown, Connecticut, with high powered weapons owned by his own mother, a lot of attention is being given to the fact that Adam is described as “quiet, intelligent, socially shy or backward, a loner” as personality traits that are troubling. And it has also been reported that he may have had “mental issues” such as Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, that may be factors in the violence that ensued.

This is totally preposterous, as being “quiet, intelligent, socially shy or backward, a loner” describes millions of people, both young and older, and it is somehow made out to be that if one is not the “life of the party, a social butterfly”, that something is wrong. So the aggressive, outspoken, braggart, boaster, bull artist, who often teases and bullies such “quiet, intelligent, socially shy or backward, loner” type people, is idolized as a model, because everyone wants to be “popular”!

And if someone has learning disabilities such as Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, which Adam Lanza may have had, it has ABSOLUTELY no effect on him behaviorally as a danger to others, as having such conditions is NOT mental illness, just an intellectual disorder!

And in the case of most mass murders or crimes, it is a person who is “perfectly normal” on the surface, who is “well liked and popular”, who does the dirty deed, but uses his charm and good looks and ability to bamboozle people, and to commit the crimes he perpetrates!

It is time that people stop stereotyping people by their being “quiet, intelligent, socially shy or backward, a loner”, as most will overcome such personality traits with growth, maturity, and building of confidence over time, and in many cases, such people end up as bigger successes in life than those who are the “life of the party” as adolescents or young adults.

One such person is this author, who was very different as a high school and college student, who blossomed as an adult, given time and patience.

And people with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome are not to be seen as dangerous, but instead as special young people who have a lot to offer, including friendship and sincerity, if only those who are the “life of the party”, and “popular”, would only give them half a chance, and stop being “braggarts, bullies, boasters, aggressive” in their behavior toward those not born as fortunate as they were.

My younger son is such a person, who is sweet, kind, decent, and has matured a great deal, and only wishes to be a friend of those, who in middle and high school, made fun of him. He is a happy man in his late 20s now. He is no threat to anyone, and never has been, and is a better person than any so called “popular, life of the party” type who needs to learn to tame his or her ego and treat others with dignity! He is a son his father and brother are extremely proud of, and would not exchange for some other young man who needs to learn how to treat his fellow human beings with respect!

Enough of stereotypes, and making the braggarts, the egotists, the bullies the show offs of society, as being normal!

The Problem Of Autism And The Health Care Issue: NOT A Time For Retreat!

April is Autism Awareness Month, and it is truly alarming as we learn that the number of children diagnosed with Autism of any type is now one of 88 children, and one of 54 boys!

The problem is that we are now becoming aware of this crisis, just as the move is on to destroy the Obama Health Care legislation, which the Supreme Court has the potential to do in June, and if not, the Paul Ryan plan to cut Medicare and Medicaid could, if it became law, do much the same thing in a different way.

Health care expenses cause more bankruptcies and poverty than anything else, and this nation has been unwilling to come to grips with the reality of brain disorders, not only Autism related problems, but also the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on military personnel, and the effects of Bi Polar Disorder and other forms of depression, which have a massive deleterious effect on millions of Americans, most of it in silence.

If there is a physical problem with health, insurance covers it, but in so many cases, mental disorders, whether genetic or environmental, are not covered, and put great stress on millions of people annually, and undermines their ability to cope and to deal with the high unpaid bills involved in trying to deal with the problems they, or their loved ones, face.

This is not the time to say that we do not have to worry about health care for those who do not have it, but rather that the entire nation must face the crisis in health care, both related to Autism and other mental problems, but also that of the poor, the elderly, and average Americans who are being destroyed financially, as well as economically, by these problems.

Florida Governor Rick Scott: Inhumane, Reprehensible, And A Sinner Against Common Decency!

We have seen a lot of evidence at how lacking in compassion and common decency that Tea Party Republicans and many other Republicans are in this time of insanity in public affairs!

But a new low has been hit by Florida Governor Rick Scott, who makes it clear he is not concerned about public opinion polls and personal popularity!

Scott has ordered an immediate draconian cut in programs for the disabled in the Sunshine State, effective tomorrow morning, affecting thousands of unfortunate individuals who are victims of Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and other developmental disorders!

This includes an immediate roll back in payments to group homes and social workers of 15 percent, and this cut to be supplemented by legislative cuts after June 30!

Scott used his emergency powers as Governor to order this immediate cut on the must vulnerable, most victimized group in society, who cannot take care of themselves, and whose safety and health are affected in a dangerous, inhumane manner!

The effect of these massive cuts will be to cause death and harm to people who have no one to protect them, if not for social workers and government, who they have relied on as a safety net to promote a semblance of a decent life!

About 30,000 Floridians are affected, with many of these developmentally disabled people needing assistance to eat, bathe, take medication, and take care of themselves in every other way!

What could be more inhumane, despicable, disgraceful, and reprehensible than to cut off services to the most vulnerable and disabled among us?

Has the state of Florida and the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement which backs Rick Scott become no better than sinners against common decency?

Is avoiding some extra taxation for those who can afford it more important than the health and safety of the disabled?

This is far worse than state workers having to pay for their pension and health benefits!

This is worse than teachers losing tenure or the danger of being fired based on a state wide test!

This is worse than ANYTHING that could be done by any government against the elderly, the poor, the young, or any other group there is in society!

These are the most disabled among us, who have no ability to help themselves, and now are to be thrown out in the garbage as refuse, without any sense of dignity or humanity!

How could anyone, whether religious or not, see such an action as anything other than a sin against God of any religion, or just common morality and ethics?

How can Rick Scott sleep at night, after having escaped prosecution and prison for his financial dealings with Medicare scams, and now be willing to harm the most severely disabled among us, which he could easily fund from his own ill begotten wealth?

Should not the decent people of Florida, including “good Christians”, stand up in outrage against Rick Scott, march on Tallahassee, and DEMAND the return of humanity and compassion toward the disabled?

This is not a question of politics; it is a question of common decency and humanity and compassion for those among us less fortunate, and remembering that “there but for the grace of God go I!”

If one believes, as most do, that there is a God, then one must believe that “what goes around, comes around!”

One has to hope that there is divine retribution against Rick Scott for the massive crime against humanity that he is perpetrating!

This is what happens when good people allow themselves to be ignorant, uninvolved in public affairs focus, or give in to the sin of greed and selfishness!

Immediate mass action is needed to reverse, in any way possible, this disgraceful action by the most reprehensible excuse for a human being who sits in the Governorship of Florida, and undermines further the horrible reputation of the state of Florida!

Florida Governor Rick Scott And Budget Cuts For The Disabled: A Sacrilege!

Florida Governor Rick Scott becomes more venal and unconscionable by the day!

Now he is promoting a major budget cut for the disabled, who suffer from Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other mental disabilities, including the individuals who live in group homes, because they are not as fortunate to have a loving family as my own younger son, Paul, has in his dad, and eventually, in his brother David!

What could be more obscene than this, and also in the plan to put all people on Medicaid into profit making HMOs, which means they will not get adequate medical care, which insures shorter and less pleasant lives for those who already struggle every day to attempt to enjoy life!

And, in the midst of these disgraceful actions, Scott has the nerve and the gall to participate in a Special Olympics race, and smile while saying how that organization is so important in helping the disabled in society!

Does this man have any sense of decency, a conscience, any element of morality in his body? Obviously not!