“9-9-9” Plan

“Joe The Plumber” Vs. Marcy Kaptur in Ohio: The Premier House Race Of 2012!

“Joe The Plumber”, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, is the Republican nominee in the 9th Congressional district in Ohio against thirty year veteran Democrat Marcy Kaptur, the longest serving woman in the House of Representatives at present; second longest serving House woman ever; 25th of 435 members of the House in seniority; and serves on the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

Marcy Kaptur is well regarded and respected as a solid woman of real accomplishments and strong principles, who has done an exceptional job in her long career.

Marcy Kaptur and “Joe The Plumber” both appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s LAST WORD on MSNBC tonight, and it was clear that the choice the voters of that Ohio Congressional District have is a choice between brilliance and pure stupidity and ignorance!

The best way to look at it is that this is a choice between Marcy Kaptur and the male Sarah Palin, totally inept and incompetent to the extreme!

“Joe The Plumber” wants to push Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, which has been ignored and dismissed by all other GOP Presidential candidates, because it would raise taxes, and harm the middle and working class while only helping the rich, and would destroy Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Lawrence O’Donnell tried to get “Joe the Plumber” to understand the realities of the Cain plan, and the harm it would do, but Wurzelbacher was too dense to understand.

O’Donnell also pointed out that Wurzelbacher had opposed the auto company bailout, and that it had worked, and that the auto industry was reviving and adding workers, but “Joe the Plumber” still insisted that he was against government intervention which had helped to restore the auto industry, and would campaign that it was a terrible idea. So talking to “Joe the Plumber” was like talking to the wall, as nothing penetrated this moron’s brain matter!

Why be so blunt and insulting, one might ask? The answer is that “Joe the Plumber” is still what he always was: a man with no knowledge, no intelligence, no insights, but with a tremendous ego! He has struggled to make a living for his family, and one can sympathize with that fact, but he more wants to be a Congressman so he can make the salary involved, than he is interested in learning and understanding the job of representing a Congressional district.

In that sense, he resembles Joe Walsh of Illinois, another loser who thinks he understands the job, but is in it solely for his own ego, and his own enrichment.

These Tea Party types have no clue how to run a government, but want to participate in the acquisition of the perks of office. They are NOT qualified to be members of our government, and the American people have to understand that expertise, knowledge and education are basic requirements for the PROFESSION of government. It is not for amateurs!

This race between Kaptur and Wurzelbacher will be fun to watch, particularly when debate time comes, as Marcy Kaptur will wipe up the floor with “Joe the Plumber”, and win by an overwhelming margin, and send “Joe the Plumber” back to the obscurity he richly deserves!

The Herman Cain Phenomenon And Public Opinion Polls: A Parallel Universe!

Herman Cain has had one hell of a week, and yet, unlike Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, he goes up in public opinion polls, while Mitt Romney stays stagnant in his numbers, still only about one out of four Republicans supporting him.

Herman Cain does not know China has had nuclear weapons since 1964.

Herman Cain does not seem to care that his 9-9-9 plan would raise taxes on 84 percent of the people, while lowering taxes on the wealthy.

Herman Cain suggests that we build a fence between Mexico and the United States which is electrified, and also wants a moat with alligators in it to stop illegal immigrants.

Herman Cain says he is against abortion completely, but wants the woman to have the choice on ending pregnancies.

Herman Cain does not know anything about foreign policy, and makes fun of the name of an important ally in the Near East in the war in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, saying he does not know who its leader is and does not care.

Herman Cain believes that it is alright to sexually harass women in the workplace and that no one should be disturbed by this.

Herman Cain has made so many other inane statements and shown a tremendous lack of interest in details on public issues, and seems more interested in selling his book and improving his chances to make money on motivational speeches.

Through all this, apparently, many Republicans either do not believe the sexual harassment charges or think they are no big deal, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, so Cain’s ratings have improved.

It does not matter to these Republicans that Herman Cain has no knowledge or experience in government, and they seem to be willing to “wing” it and let an incompetent, stupid man become the leader of the free world, whose best credentials is that he headed a pizza corporation!

The ability of Republicans and many Americans to live in a “bubble”, in their own version of the “parallel universe” is mind boggling!

Will the American people at large be moronic enough to put into office a businessman who is no Wendell Willkie or Ross Perot, both men having had an intelligent, accomplished career before running for President?

And remember, neither Willkie nor Perot WON, and if Herman Cain somehow becomes our next President, God save the United States and the world!

Herman Cain and Erick Erickson And The Republicans: Reverse Robin Hood!

Herman Cain promotes his 9-9-9 plan, which economists tell us will tax the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly more, while lowering the tax liability of the wealthy much more than it is today!

Erick Erickson, the conservative blogger, mouths what most conservatives and Republicans say, that the 47 percent of the population who do not pay federal income tax need to start paying, and stop expecting the other 53 percent to carry the burden.

The fact that the 47 percent who do not pay federal income taxes DO pay federal payroll taxes in the form of Social Security and Medicare, and also pay state and local income taxes and sales taxes is not considered.

The fact that most of this 47 percent are poor and getting poorer, or are sick, disabled, or elderly is not considered!

There is no consideration of the fact that the wealthy top one percent have 40 percent of the national income!

There is no consideration that the average person of African American or Hispanic ancestry has just FIVE percent of the assets of the average white person!

The fact that millions of Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, and their pensions is not considered, as long as the wealthy are allowed to keep their assets and continue them on the growth pattern.

The conservatives and Republicans are like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens.

And they will call themselves “good Christians” while condemning the poor, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.

In summary, Herman Cain, Erick Erickson and their ilk are modern day Robin Hoods in reverse–taking from those down and out, and giving MORE to the rich and powerful!

Do these people have any soul, any ethics, any morality? How can they often quote the Old and New Testaments in the name of their selfishness and greed?

The whole situation is mind boggling!