Criminal That 800,000 Federal Workers Are Not Being Paid, While Congress Is Paid During Shutdown!

The Republican Party loves to attack the federal work force, showing no respect for their services, and always ready to cut the workforce, as if those who work for the numerous government agencies are insignificant,. In actuality, the American people have no clue, and lack appreciation of, the sacrifices of the federal government workers. Without their services, we would all suffer, as they do essential work in more ways than anyone understands!

Part of the lack of respect for federal workers that Republicans have is the decision to shut down the government over ObamaCare, a law in effect for three and a half years, and upheld by the Supreme Court.

So Congress collects its inflated salaries, while federal workers are told to go without, when they have bills like the rest of us, and are now being punished without any certainty as to when they will be paid again, and whether or not, they will be paid for the forced furlough from work, forced on them by Republican intransigence!

Not only should the shutdown end NOW, but there MUST be a guarantee that all federal workers will be paid full back pay, and the Republicans in Congress should have to donate their own salaries in a mandatory manner, to give each federal worker a bonus payment for the suffering he or she has had to bear because of the outrageous decision to shut down the government by Speaker John Boehner!