Rick Santorum Surges To Significance: What This Means For The GOP

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has had a good night, winning the Missouri Primary and the Minnesota Caucuses, and at this writing, also leading in the Colorado Caucuses.

If this happens, that he wins all three states, then Santorum has won four states (Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado), to Mitt Romney’s three states (New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada), and Newt Gingrich’s one state (South Carolina).

It means that Rick Santorum must be taken seriously, as possibly the true conservative challenger to Mitt Romney, instead of Newt Gingrich. It means that Santorum has won three Midwestern states, the area of the country usually considered prime and needed territory for a Republican win.

It means also that the Republican battle for the Presidential nomination will drag on for a long time, and that Super Tuesday on March 6, could be the decisive day in the battle.

All this ultimately helps Barack Obama, and for political junkies like the author, it keeps politics interesting!