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Pew Poll Shows Massive Swing To Romney: Is The Election Lost For Obama?

The Pew Research Poll that came out yesterday is an alarming reminder that the Presidential Election Of 2012 is far from over, as Mitt Romney gained massively in many ways, and at least in this poll, is now ahead by 4 points over Barack Obama.

Is it time to panic? No, but it is a sign that Joe Biden MUST do well in the upcoming Vice Presidential debate against Paul Ryan on Thursday, and Obama MUST perform much better than his lackadaisical effort in the first Presidential debate last week, in the remaining two Presidential debates next week and the week after!.

Additionally, more effort must be made to demonstrate that Mitt Romney is a chameleon, which he most certainly is, and that one cannot trust that his sudden move to the middle is the true Romney, after a year of working hard to be considered, as he self described himself, as a “severe” conservative!

The Gallup daily tracking poll shows Obama ahead by five points, 50-45, as he was before the debate, which became a tie for two days after the debate, but then went back to its old numbers after the favorable jobs report on Friday.

It is clear that the polls are very volatile, and may reflect doubts by voters about who should be President, but a good performance by both Biden and Obama, along with accelerated efforts to show Romney as the liar that he is, is still likely to lead to the same result, with a majority of “swing” states in Obama’s camp, with only the need to win two to three of them to win the Electoral College majority.

More worrisome is how the Obama decline for now could affect House and Senate races, and possibly give the Republicans control of both houses of Congress in the worst scenario.

For these next four weeks, all those who want to insure an Obama and Democratic victory must put in gargantuan efforts to bring about the desired result!