Second Inaugural Address

Barack Obama Continues Tradition Of Progressive Republicans And Liberal Democrats

President Barack Obama demonstrated in yesterday’s Second Inaugural Address that he is following the best traditions of the progressive and liberal champions of the 20th and early 21st century!

Not only is he pursuing the vision of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, but also of many others, including:

Senator Robert La Follette, Sr. of Wisconsin, progressive Republican
Senator George Norris of Nebraska, progressive Republican
Senator Robert La Follette, Jr. of Wisconsin, progressive Republican
Senator Jacob Javits of New York, progressive Republican
Senator Clifford Case of New Jersey, progressive Republican
Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, progressive Republican
Senator Charles Mathias of Maryland, progressive Republican
Senator Charles Percy of Illinois, progressive Republican
Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon, progressive Republican
Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon, progressive Republican, Independent, liberal Democrat
Senator Robert F. Wagner, Sr. of New York, liberal Democrat
Senator Paul Douglas of Illinois, liberal Democrat
Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, liberal Democrat
Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, liberal Democrat
Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota, liberal Democrat
Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, liberal Democrat
Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, liberal Democrat
Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, liberal Democrat
Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, liberal Democrat
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Independent Socialist, allied with Democratic Party

And this list of ten progressive Republicans and ten liberal Democrats are not a complete list, but they are among those who have stood the test of time on their progressive and liberal values!

And realize that La Follette, Sr., Humphrey, McGovern, and Mondale all ran for President, and that Humphrey, Mondale and Biden all have served as Vice President of the United States.

Obama Inauguration Speech Evokes New Nationalism Of TR, New Deal Of FDR, New Frontier Of JFK, And Great Society Of LBJ!

Four 20th century Presidents are looking down kindly and proudly on President Barack Obama, as a result of his Second Inaugural Address yesterday.

Theodore Roosevelt would be proud of Obama bringing up his progressive goals and ideals, following the traditions of the New Nationalism.

Franklin D. Roosevelt would be proud of Obama for having followed the trend of his own Second Inaugural Address in 1937, and the visions of his New Deal.

John F. Kennedy would be proud of Obama for following his lead on idealism, and commitment to a future advancement of those left behind., part of his New Frontier.

Lyndon B. Johnson would be proud that Obama is picking up the mantle of reform of his Great Society in many areas, which has not been addressed by anyone since LBJ, including Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both of whom backed away from major commitments in the line of the four earlier Presidents.

Obama is a continuation of modern day liberalism, and a successor to the progressive traditions of these four earlier Presidents, all of whom are rated in the top quarter of our Presidents, even with each having his shortcoming and faults. In the C Span poll of 2009, FDR is rated third, TR fourth, JFK sixth, and LBJ eleventh out of our 42 Presidents before Barack Obama.

It has been a long time coming since LBJ left office, and today, the 40th anniversary of his death, Obama’s speech is a salute to his exceptional leadership in so many areas of domestic reform.

Barack Obama’s speech will go down as one of the outstanding Inaugural Addresses of our history!

Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural Address: A Speech For The Ages And A Call To Action!

President Obama has just finished his Second Inaugural Address, and it can be seen as a speech for the ages, and a call to action, far more impressive than his first Inaugural Address four years ago.

He brought up Seneca Falls, New York (women’s rights), Selma, Alabama (civil rights), Stonewall in Manhattan, New York (gay and lesbian rights)!

He brought up climate change, clean energy, immigration reform, protection of children and all Americans from gun violence.

He brought up the Founding Fathers, and our imperfect Union, being made more perfect over time, and with lots of hard work and dedication to making America better!

He spoke of the need to address the crises of entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the need to fix them in a responsible way.

He challenged America to come together and take action to make America a better nation that fully promotes equality, social justice, and tolerance for all. In many ways, he sounded like FDR in his Second Inaugural Address!

And he called upon the nation to attempt diplomacy in place of going to war, and sending our military into harm’s way.

It is an ambitious agenda, but it is an inspiring speech that calls for our better nature to prevail!

Let us hope for a better second term for Barack Obama!