Right Wing Reactionaries

Parental Interference With Educational Curriculum MUST Be Overcome, As NOT Qualified To Interfere!

Right wing reactionaries and religious extremists are interfering with Educational Curriculum in many states in public schools and even universities!

Parents who are ignorant and biased want to control curriculum, without any expertise in subject matter in most cases!

Parents can remove their child from certain activities, but do not have the right to interfere and force their ignorant will on everyone else!

At universities, parents should have ZERO interference, since college students are adults, and parents should have no say!

Parents do not have the right to dictate to attorneys, doctors, and other professionals, and the same should apply to those educators at all levels, who devote their lives to promotion of an open mind and exposure to alternative ideas!

Parents trying to dictate are like those in a mental institution wanting to run the facility, and no politician should be encouraging reckless interference in the promotion of truth and facts!