Religious Liberty

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Calls For Rebellion, Hostile Takeover of Washington DC–Must Be Condemned As Reckless Speech That Will Incite Violence!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, one of the most disgraceful Republican Governors, spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting this past weekend.

Jindal, who has Presidential ambitions, has been very reckless in his speaking behavior, and he went beyond the pale this weekend, saying the country was brewing for rebellion, and for a hostile takeover of Washington, DC!

This is treasonous language, backing the use of violence, based on Jindal’s belief that religious liberty and education was under attack by the Obama Administration, a totally looney idea with no factual basis!

Jindal and other Republicans constantly use reckless language, and are inciting unstable people with firearms in so doing, and he needs to have more responsibility as an elected official!

The chance of violence by crazy people is growing, and it is an alarming development!

An Acceptable Compromise: Contraceptive Services For Women Of Religiously Based Employers To Be Offered Gratis By Insurance Companies

President Barack Obama has announced that contraceptive services for women who work for religiously based employers, such as universities and hospitals, will not have to be paid by the religious group as part of their health care plan, but instead will be a requirement for insurance companies to cover without charge.

This takes away the issue of religious liberty, which has been promoted incessantly by supporters of the Catholic Church and other religious groups, and exploited by the Republican Party and its Presidential candidates. Our belief in freedom of religion made it necessary for the administration to reconsider its handling of this part of the Obama Health Care legislation, which itself will be considered as to its constitutionality in the next few months by the US Supreme Court.

One can be assured, however, that politics will be utilized, and that this controversy will not disappear from the Presidential campaign, but it seems a win for women’s rights, as well as religious liberty!