Real Estate Value Reports White House Value Is Down About 25 Percent! How Ridiculous That Is! :)

The real estate website reports that the White House’s value is down about 25 percent, part of the general real estate decline in this nation over the past few years.

Supposedly, that is supposed to make the 65 percent of the country that owns real estate to feel better, with the rapid decline in housing values.

But it is no solace at all, and it really blows one’s mind to think that the White House used to be valued at $332 million, but is now worth $253 million.

The whole concept that the White House, the home of all Presidents except George Washington, and the greatest museum and historic site imaginable in the United States, is worth anything less than PRICELESS, is totally ridiculous!

The White House is not only valuable for the above reasons, but also because it is the symbol of the magnificence and greatness of the American republic, a beacon in world history that will never be surpassed, and cannot be valued in monetary terms!