Radio Talk Show Hosts

Female Sycophants For Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a group of women who are willing to lie, deceive, and promote his wicked agenda of dividing the American people, and undermine American foreign policy, environmental policy, and the protection of the middle class and the poor.

They are massive liars who have no ethics, morals, or scruples, and are ready and willing to tolerate the outrageous misogyny that Donald Trump has promoted his entire life.

Who are these villains?

Among them are the following:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen

White House Counselor Kelly Anne Conway, whose own husband, George, has constantly contradicted his wife in public on Twitter, and denounced Donald Trump

Also, females on Fox News Channel and or on talk radio, including

Ann Coulter

Laura Ingraham

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Michelle Malkin

Joyce Kaufman ( a local talk show host in South Florida, where the author lives)

These women are a total disgrace, worthy of everyone’s enmity.

Alarming Police Overreaction Against Blacks Nationwide, As Threat Of International Terrorism Grows Dramatically!

Many people would say that because Barack Obama was elected twice as our first African American President, that racism is gone from American society!

The statement is, of course, preposterous on its face. There are two many people of other racial backgrounds who have shown evidence of discriminatory thoughts, statements, and actions against African Americans and Latinos to be able to assert that racism has dissipated.

If anything, it is the right wing media, and the talk show hosts on radio and Fox News Channel, who are fueling the fires of racism, making whites feel that, somehow, THEY have been discriminated against!

But the recent spate of police officers shooting and killing African American men in St. Louis and Los Angeles, and the choking to death of an African American man by police in New York City, is particularly alarming, as if the law enforcement authorities are perceived as declaring open season on minority men, and even sometimes women, then we are on the road to racial warfare, which hate mongering groups would only be too glad to inspire.

This is a crisis of massive proportions, and no longer can be said to be a “Southern” issue, as it often was depicted even a half century ago, when Northerners wanted to feel good about themselves, and denied that they were part of the problem of racism, prejudice, and discrimination, when they most certainly were part of the problem, although more attention was paid to the Southern states.

This is a very delicate time, with growing inequality of opportunity for the poor and middle class, whether white or minority, and the growing international threat of Islamic terrorism presented by the rise of ISIL, the Islamic State in the Levant. This group controls a large portion of Iraq and Syria, and threatens to slaughter large numbers of non Sunni Arabs, as well as Christians and minority religious groups, and which threatens a world wide war against the Western world and Christianity and Judaism. They already have beheaded children, raped women, and executed large numbers of people in the most brutal fashion, making them seem a threat on the level of the Fascism regimes of Germany and Italy 75 years ago.

We could be entering World War III, at a time when our internal peace and stability is being threatened by both discontented whites, but also by law enforcement elements which show no respect or rational behavior against minority members of society.

There is a sense of foreboding that America is reaching a state of condition the most dangerous since the fall of Adolf Hitler in 1945, and far greater in many ways than the conditions of the Cold War, which seem somehow, by comparison, a time when at least the Soviet enemy was rational, not fanatical, based on religion.

Mix religious extremism in the world at large alongside the racial tensions in a time when one had thought the election of Barack Obama made a post racial world, which now is shown to be a myth!

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama And Use Of Teleprompters

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, gave a strong speech at the National Rifle Association convention today in St. Louis, Missouri.

Getting away from whether the speech was good or not in its details, Mr. Romney gave what could be considered a very effective speech, in the sense that there was no stumbling, pausing, or unplanned statements.

And why was that? Because Mitt Romney used a TELEPROMPTER, which kept him on course!

Why is this even mentioned? Because the Republican Party and talk show hosts on Fox News Channel and talk radio have been constantly attacking President Barack Obama for using teleprompters in his Presidency, ridiculing his utilizing them.

Obama has done this to make certain that he is on target in his remarks, and does not make any major speaking blunders, a strategy which makes perfect sense!

But of course, is there anything that Obama is not attacked on? You know the answer!

But now, suddenly, quietly, Mitt Romney is using teleprompters, which indeed does make him more effective in giving a speech, since Romney is not exactly the most articulate and accurate speech maker!

So it is alright for Romney to use a teleprompter, without comment by the Right Wing, but if Barack Obama uses it, criticize him, right?

Just another example of the total hypocrisy of the Republican Party, but don’t bet we will hear this very much from now on, as long as Mitt Romney utilizes teleprompters!

Rush Limbaugh, The Republican Party, And Responsibility For Loss Of Presidential Election Of 2012!

When all is said and done, the Republican Party will look back on the loss of the 2012 Presidential Election and blame Rush Limbaugh for the turning point when the election was lost.

But actually it will be their own fault, since they allowed themselves to be held hostage for the past ten years by this bully, this egotistical windbag, this despicable human being who has no limits to his desire to destroy all opposition to his sick, twisted views of the world! And their cowardice and fear of Limbaugh that has prevented them from denouncing him en masse will, ultimately, cost them dearly in November!

George Will and Erick Erickson have recently declared that the Presidential election is over, and that emphasis must be placed on holding on to the Republican House majority and to regain the US Senate.

That is a warning to all who want Barack Obama to have a successful second term to fight tooth and nail, through every means possible, to gain a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and retain the US Senate.

The Republican Party needs a total defeat, a humiliating loss, to bring them back to the moderate center, and away from the influence of social conservatives and extreme right wing talk show hosts on radio and Fox News Channel!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton And Buyer’s Remorse

In the midst of all of the economic problems we face, new polls indicate “buyer’s remorse” among Democrats and the general public regarding the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency, instead of Hillary Clinton, in 2008.

Hillary Clinton has become the most popular public figure in America, but as her husband Bill Clinton says, it is because she is further away from politics, and is regarded as having done a fantastic job as Secretary of State.

This is a smart assessment of the situation, as one when looks back on the Bill Clinton Presidency, and remembers the vicious attacks on Hillary Clinton as First Lady by the Right, can one really believe that a President Hillary Clinton would be gaining any greater cooperation from Republicans in Congress, conservatives on Fox News Channel, or radio talk show hosts?

Hillary Clinton may have her fans and supporters, but to think of her as having an easy time uniting the nation, is to dwell in fantasy land.

We are actually better off with Hillary Clinton doing a superb job as Secretary of State, helping to promote a foreign policy that is, overall, one of the strong points of the Obama Presidency!