Mitt Romney, Barack Obama And Use Of Teleprompters

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, gave a strong speech at the National Rifle Association convention today in St. Louis, Missouri.

Getting away from whether the speech was good or not in its details, Mr. Romney gave what could be considered a very effective speech, in the sense that there was no stumbling, pausing, or unplanned statements.

And why was that? Because Mitt Romney used a TELEPROMPTER, which kept him on course!

Why is this even mentioned? Because the Republican Party and talk show hosts on Fox News Channel and talk radio have been constantly attacking President Barack Obama for using teleprompters in his Presidency, ridiculing his utilizing them.

Obama has done this to make certain that he is on target in his remarks, and does not make any major speaking blunders, a strategy which makes perfect sense!

But of course, is there anything that Obama is not attacked on? You know the answer!

But now, suddenly, quietly, Mitt Romney is using teleprompters, which indeed does make him more effective in giving a speech, since Romney is not exactly the most articulate and accurate speech maker!

So it is alright for Romney to use a teleprompter, without comment by the Right Wing, but if Barack Obama uses it, criticize him, right?

Just another example of the total hypocrisy of the Republican Party, but don’t bet we will hear this very much from now on, as long as Mitt Romney utilizes teleprompters!