Primaries And Caucuses

Republican Primary And Caucus Support For Mitt Romney Lowest In Modern Republican History

Ever since the primary and caucus system developed in the 1970s, where voters en masse had the ability to vote for who they wished to be Presidential nominees, the Republican Party has always, through 2004, ended up having majority support in popular votes for a nominee.

In 2008, that did not happen, as John McCain only got 47 percent of the total GOP primary and caucus vote against his opponents.

This time around, Mitt Romney ONLY has 40 percent backing, an all time low!

That means, of course that six out of ten participants in GOP primaries and caucuses do NOT support Mitt Romney as their nominee!

That is very bad news, and a major negative for Mitt Romney, as he continues to battle Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul for the Republican Presidential nomination!