Political Smears

Newt Gingrich’s History Of Smears, And His Self Righteous Smear Against John King Of CNN

Anyone who investigates Newt Gingrich’s long career of twenty years in the House of Representatives, and his involvement in speeches, books, consultancy, and political action since his years in the House, knows that Newt is infamous for his use of political invective to the extreme–character assassination, heated language designed to inflame, innuendos, smears–really anything to gain his goal of “stirring the pot” to promote his own personal agenda.

Newt Gingrich has proved in action and in speech that he has no limits to his indecency, his willingness to destroy the opposition. He has absolutely no ethics, morals, or scruples, and yet he is able to “push the buttons” of ignorant people who will hang on his every word, because of his constant self promotion as an expert, as brilliant, as talented, as more educated and knowledgeable than anyone else. His erratic behavior has been noted even by fellow Republicans, including Rick Santorum in last night’s debate.

Gingrich has once again been, at least temporarily, successful in deflecting criticism of his personal life. He pursued Bill Clinton, but we cannot have the news media do the same to him without his self righteous indignation! He is willing to smear anyone who stands in his way.

To say that cheating on and divorcing two wives, the first with cancer, and the second with multiple sclerosis, is acceptable behavior, shows how crooked and corrupt many evangelical Christians are, who will not display an open mind toward Democrats, the poor, gay Americans, or women who choose to promote their own human rights against the male chauvinism of those who claim divine guidance!

As a result of his ability to manipulate people, Gingrich has now smeared John King of CNN for having the nerve to ask him about his infidelity. And as the audience turned against John King, it has now been revealed by John King that at the first rest break in the debate last night in South Carolina that he approached Gingrich, who was very friendly and warm. King said he was surprised that Gingrich would speak to someone who he called “despicable”, and Gingrich’s response was to smile, and to say that King knew what the game was all about, meaning make your point to gain support from the crowd. After the debate, Gingrich and his wife approached King and continued to be warm and friendly. This shows just how phony Gingrich is!

And when one thinks about it, Gingrich is the later generation of Richard Nixon, who loved to demonize the opposition throughout his career. And he is also the epitome of the “Big Lie” technique, that the more one tells lies, the more people will believe it!

When one thinks back in history, as to whom was the master of the “Big Lie”, one is sobered to realize it was Adolf Hitler!