Gay Americans

Long Overdue: The Emmett Till Anti Lynching Act, Making Such Action A Federal Crime!

Emmett Till was a 14 year old African American boy from Chicago visiting Mississippi in 1955, when a white woman claimed he whistled at her and tried to grab her.

Her husband and his half brother arranged for this young boy to be kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, with his face and body left in horrific condition, which was revealed in an open casket at the funeral. Sadly, the two men were found not guilty by an all white jury, although years later, they admitted to the killing, and the woman admitted she had lied about Till making a pass at her.

Lynchings had gone on in the South since after the Civil War, and legislation had been introduced regularly since 1900, and finally, the act of lynching was made a federal crime, punishable by 30 years in prison, and signed into law by President Joe Biden.

Lynching was used as a tactic even in states outside the South, and while African American males were the major victims, there were also Jews, Italians, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans who were subjected to such heinous crimes, most often without accountability. And there have been recent examples in the past thirty years of gay Americans being victimized.

This legislation gained all but three votes in the House of Representatives, and a unanimous vote in the US Senate, and marks the end of a long fought battle to deal with lychings in more than 4000 cases from 1877 to 1950.

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia in 2020 was a recent example of what is perceived as a lynching, but done by firearms rather than hanging or beating. But the men involved were convicted and sentenced to life in prison, thankfully.

Racial hatred remains a disease in America, but now, at least justice is served with federal legislation.

Time For A New Generation Of Leadership: My Endorsement Of Pete Buttigieg For President!

With the Iowa Caucuses taking place on Monday evening, followed by the New Hampshire Primary, the Nevada Caucuses, and the South Carolina Primary later in February, and then Super Tuesday on March 3 (14 states voting), it is time to consider who would be the best choice for President of the United States.

Anyone who has read my blog for the past eleven and a half years knows of my genuine affection for former Vice President Joe Biden.

I wish he had been the nominee in 2016, and believe he would have defeated Donald Trump.

But at age 77 now, and concerned about the idea of an octogenarian Presidency if Joe, or Bernie Sanders, or Mike Bloomberg wins the election, I do not think any of these three would be the best choice for the future of the party and nation.

I wish to make it clear that I will support whoever the Democratic Presidential nominee is in 2020, but prefer a younger candidate who represents the future.

So therefore, I am endorsing former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President!

I believe that Pete, while seen as a “dark horse”, represents the future of the party, and would move the nation forward in a rational, reasonable way.

He would be the John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama of his time, as the thought of a Catholic, a Southerner, a Governor of a small state, and a mixed race African American President was unlikely, but occurred in 1960, 1976, 1992, and 2008.

Pete was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a small city, but there is no description of who a President should be, and what matters more is the inspiration that a candidate brings to the race.

And Pete represents a new generation; a man who would be the youngest President in history; a man who served in the military in Afghanistan; a Harvard and Oxford graduate; a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship; and a scholarly man who can speak seven languages.

Pete is a moderate progressive, which is the mainstream of the Democratic Party, and this blogger and scholar does not believe that Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren can win the election. And were either to win, the strong odds are against their agenda as more ambitious than the next Congress would be.

To accomplish their goals would require a Congress similar to that under Franklin D. Roosevelt in the mid 1930s, or Lyndon B. Johnson in the mid 1960s, but that occurring is close to zero, in reality!

The fact that Pete Buttigieg is gay and has a husband would not, in my estimation, be a major factor in the election, except for extremist religious Christians and Jews, but realistically, they would be unlikely to vote Democratic anyway.

And as far as African American voters, while they might favor Joe Biden now, and there are some issues with Pete’s handling of racial issues in South Bend, can one really imagine African Americans backing Donald Trump for a second term?

The prospect of a woman nominee, either Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren, would be appealing, particularly after the disappointment in 2016, and the fact that the centennial of the Woman Suffrage 19th Amendment, is in 2020. But I think the odds of midwestern white men supporting a woman over a gay male is highly questionable.

A great idea, however, would be to select a qualified woman for Vice President, with Amy Klobuchar the front runner in that regard, older by a generation than Pete, but Obama had Joe Biden who was a generation older as well.

Having a Midwestern ticket of Pete and Amy would insure, in my estimation, a Democratic victory in November, with two firsts–a gay male President and a woman Vice President–two advancements brought to us by the Democratic Party, the party of reasonable revolutionary change as in the case of John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, half a century apart, and now looking into the future of the nation.

So again, I am in for whoever the Democrats nominate for President as the best choice for the nation, but enthusiastically endorse Pete Buttigieg for President, and welcome all commentary by any reader!

Newt Gingrich’s History Of Smears, And His Self Righteous Smear Against John King Of CNN

Anyone who investigates Newt Gingrich’s long career of twenty years in the House of Representatives, and his involvement in speeches, books, consultancy, and political action since his years in the House, knows that Newt is infamous for his use of political invective to the extreme–character assassination, heated language designed to inflame, innuendos, smears–really anything to gain his goal of “stirring the pot” to promote his own personal agenda.

Newt Gingrich has proved in action and in speech that he has no limits to his indecency, his willingness to destroy the opposition. He has absolutely no ethics, morals, or scruples, and yet he is able to “push the buttons” of ignorant people who will hang on his every word, because of his constant self promotion as an expert, as brilliant, as talented, as more educated and knowledgeable than anyone else. His erratic behavior has been noted even by fellow Republicans, including Rick Santorum in last night’s debate.

Gingrich has once again been, at least temporarily, successful in deflecting criticism of his personal life. He pursued Bill Clinton, but we cannot have the news media do the same to him without his self righteous indignation! He is willing to smear anyone who stands in his way.

To say that cheating on and divorcing two wives, the first with cancer, and the second with multiple sclerosis, is acceptable behavior, shows how crooked and corrupt many evangelical Christians are, who will not display an open mind toward Democrats, the poor, gay Americans, or women who choose to promote their own human rights against the male chauvinism of those who claim divine guidance!

As a result of his ability to manipulate people, Gingrich has now smeared John King of CNN for having the nerve to ask him about his infidelity. And as the audience turned against John King, it has now been revealed by John King that at the first rest break in the debate last night in South Carolina that he approached Gingrich, who was very friendly and warm. King said he was surprised that Gingrich would speak to someone who he called “despicable”, and Gingrich’s response was to smile, and to say that King knew what the game was all about, meaning make your point to gain support from the crowd. After the debate, Gingrich and his wife approached King and continued to be warm and friendly. This shows just how phony Gingrich is!

And when one thinks about it, Gingrich is the later generation of Richard Nixon, who loved to demonize the opposition throughout his career. And he is also the epitome of the “Big Lie” technique, that the more one tells lies, the more people will believe it!

When one thinks back in history, as to whom was the master of the “Big Lie”, one is sobered to realize it was Adolf Hitler!