Political Demagoguery

California Congressman Darrell Issa And Texas Senator Ted Cruz: In Appearance And Actions, Just Like The Infamous Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy!

Sixty three years ago, Joseph McCarthy, Republican Senator from Wisconsin, became infamous, as he began his nearly five year tirade with false accusations, accusing great numbers of people of being Communists. He became an “ism”, and was ultimately repudiated by the US Senate, but only after most Republicans remained silent for years, even though they knew he was a demagogue!

Well, now we have California Congressman Darrell Issa and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, both of whom are engaged in demagoguery on a massive scale, just like McCarthy six decades ago!

And, interestingly, it is not just their tactics that are similar to McCarthy, but if one examines their faces and appearances, it is amazing how similar both are to their infamous predecessor! It is eery and weird to the extreme!

Issa is himself a person with a criminal background in his youth, and very easy at issuing accusations without substance!

Cruz is alienating and terrifying his Senate Republican colleagues, just as McCarthy did, with his wild, reckless statements and high level of arrogance and egotism!

It is likely that both will, at some point, “crash” in ruins, as McCarthy did in December, 1954!

Meanwhile, however, they will be destructive forces, with absolutely no ethics or sense of morality in their outrageous attacks on Barack Obama, Democrats, and moderate Republicans, the few which are left in the party!