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The Intellectual Prowess Of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, And Chris Hayes

MSNBC may not have a very large audience base, as compared to Fox News Channel, but that is not the only way to judge media.

After all, the New York Times has lower readership than the New York Daily News, for instance, but that does not make the Daily News a newspaper of quality, and the same goes for cable television news.

Quality and intellectual challenge are what makes journalism outstanding, and in that regard, Fox News Channel is no comparison to MSNBC.

And the author is not referring here to the traditional talk show hosts–the Reverend Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and Lawrence O’Donnell in the weekday evenings, although all are enlightening.

And he is not referring to Morning Joe, or Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Martin Bashir, Dylan Ratigan, Alex Wagner, or others on the weekday daytime, all of whom are great, but not what he wishes to emphasize.

Rather, the author is referring to three true intellectuals, Rachel Maddow, on at 9 pm eastern time during the week, and Melissa Harris-Perry and Chris Hayes, on for two hours each on both Saturday and Sunday.

Rachel Maddow, 39 years of age, has degrees from Stanford University and Oxford University, an earned doctorate, and was the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship. Anyone who watches her or reads her new book, DRIFT, cannot help but be impressed with her pure intellectual brilliance. She is also a delight on a personal level, with a great sense of humor!

Melissa Harris-Perry, 38 years of age, is an African American professor of Political Science at Tulane University, and formerly taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago, earned a Ph. D. at Duke University, and is the author of two books. Her two hour show on both Saturday and Sunday is extremely enlightening, and her pleasant personality comes through on a consistent basis!

Chris Hayes, 33 years old, is married to Kate Shaw, an Associate Counsel for President Barack Obama, is an editor at large of The Nation magazine, and has a show called Up With Chris Hayes for two hours each on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes called the male Rachel Maddow, Hayes comes across as an intellectual on the level of Maddow and Harris-Perry, and he possesses a bachelor’s degree from Brown University.

His show, as with Maddow and Harris-Perry, is extremely enlightening and stimulating to viewers who appreciate good intellectual discourse! His book Twilight Of The Elites: America After Meritocracy, will be published in June, 2012.

Anyone who reads this blog should make it a habit to watch these three brilliant talk show hosts–Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Chris Hayes!

The Harassment And Bullying Of Anthony Weiner By New York Media: Disgraceful!

The New York media has always been more difficult and aggressive than most other media, but what they have just done to former Congressman Anthony Weiner is totally disgraceful!

The New York Daily News and the New York Post, both well known for being “rags” rather than reputable journalism, destroyed Anthony Weiner, harrassed, hounded, and bullied him to the extreme, sensationalized his faults and misdeeds to such an extent that it was literally impossible for him to survive in office!

Did Anthony Weiner conduct himself in a proper fashion on the internet, on Twitter and Facebook? Obviously, NO, but did his sins deserve the kind of mistreatment that he suffered?

The author thinks other politicians have conducted themselves in far worse fashion and have not been assaulted in such a vicious way!

And the fact that his party, the Democratic Party, also brought such great pressure on him is very different than what the Republican Party does with its transgressors! And in so doing, we have lost a major progressive voice for the middle and lower classes!

No one is saying to give Anthony Weiner a free ride, and overlook his faults, but if his district wanted him to stay, that should have been the ultimate decision maker!

So, as suggested yesterday by the author, Anthony Weiner, IF he is willing to do it, should announce for the special election, and leave it to the people to decide in his district, as to whether they want him back or not. Democracy should rule, not the reckless and insulting behavior of the New York media, best defined as TRASH!

Pettiness To The Extreme: Michelle Obama Vacation In Spain! :(

It seems impossible for Barack Obama to do anything that will not come under attack, no matter how petty it is!

The fact that First Lady Michelle Obama decided to have some personal vacation time with daughter Sasha, 9 years old, in Spain, and with a few friends and their children, is coming under attack!

The New York Daily News, a true “rag”, compared what Michelle Obama is doing to Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France during the French Revolution, who supposedly said about the masses: “Let them eat cake!”. Marie Antoinette was later executed, along with her husband, King Louis XVI!

What a preposterous, ridiculous comparison! 🙁 Michelle Obama is paying her own way, as are her friends! The only expense for the government is Air Force Two and the secret service detail, but that is unavoidable anywhere the First Lady and children go !

The Daily News has exaggerated the facts and details of the trip, and supposedly, because many people are unemployed, the First Lady is not entitled to a vacation!

Well, then why is Congress taking time off, and why do any Americans take off time in the summer break? This is totally ridiculous, and NO ONE needs to apologize going on vacation, because others are unemployed and cannot go on vacation!

We have reached the point of being preposterous to the extreme, and this is not the first time a First Lady has taken vacations away from the President!

And considering the burdens the President has, more than any since Franklin D. Roosevelt, he need not apologize for any time off he takes, since it would never match the time taken by George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan!

The answer is that there should be no response to such outrageous, petty attacks, and let the critics stew in their poisonous venom! 🙁