Kent State

May 4th: 42nd Anniversary of Kent State University Tragedy

One of the most tragic events of American history occurred on this day 42 years ago, when National Guardsmen, called to Kent State University in Ohio by Governor James Rhodes, to quell anti Vietnam War demonstrations after President Richard Nixon ordered a ground invasion of Cambodia, fired on an unarmed student group wildly and killed four and wounded ten.

The National Guardsmen involved in this massacre were found not guilty in a jury trial, but that does not make it any easier for the surviving family and friends of the four who died, some of whom were not even involved in the demonstration, but were a long distance away when bullets gone awry found their mark!

The thought that this kind of scenario could ever emerge again is a horrible thought, although this kind of situation occurred in Libya, and is now going on in Syria, and also is occurring regularly in many oppressive nations, sight unseen, on a regular basis for sure!

The division in this country, along with the total stalemate of the country’s political parties, makes one wonder if such a confrontation could occur again, whether based on the issue of race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, income level, or sexual orientation.

There is too much hate in this country, and there are those political leaders who would not think twice at using force against those they detest, and that makes one worry, fearing another Kent State, which was assisted by the paranoia of Richard Nixon and Vietnam War supporters, who could justify the massacre and sleep at night!