Katie Couric

The Sick Psychology Of Sarah Palin: Always The Victim In Her Own Mind! :(

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is proving day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, that she is totally lacking in the necessary credentials to be the President of the United States and the leader of the free world.

We are coming to realize more than ever that Sarah Palin has the wrong psychological makeup to be given power and authority, and to have to deal with the pressures of high public office!

She could not stand “the heat in the kitchen” as Alaska Governor and quit!

Well, she now needs to announce that she is NOT going to run for President, in order to save the country from the spectacle of a woman who has a SICK psychology, believing in her heart that she is a VICTIM!

You have to understand that Sarah Palin in her own mind is ALWAYS the victim!

The fact that she does not know how to answer a question as to her reading materials, or Supreme Court cases, is blamed on Katie Couric.

The fact that campaign personnel in the John McCain campaign criticized her ignorance and stupidity and prima donna nature leads to her attacks on them in her first book.

She cannot handle criticism at all, and has refused to communicate with the press, except through Fox News Channel, where she has people, including right wing extremists Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, fawning all over her, although on the sidelines we have learned that a lot of people at Fox News have made fun of her.

Now when a crisis arises, she refuses to come out and admit her errors and shortcomings, and instead has the gall to make herself a victim, instead of Gabrielle Giffords, and nineteen other victims, with six of them murdered in Tucson! 🙁

Sarah Palin is demonstrating that in many ways she is like Richard Nixon–not brilliant and intelligent like he was, but also seeing enemies, rather than opponents and portraying oneself as a “victim”; shutting herself off from the public when times get tough, as Nixon often did; and refusing to take responsibility for mistakes, similar to Nixon, and also George W. Bush!

It seems quite clear that were she to become President, she would engage in illegal and unethical actions, similar to some of the issues in Alaska which led her to resign the Governorship; and would be a real danger to this nation in international affairs, as she is totally ignorant about the world and would not understand how to deal with diplomacy!

But the good thing about this Tucson tragedy is that it is giving the nation the opportunity to see just what Sarah Palin is all about, and to learn from it that this is not a woman to give high public office to, as it would endanger the nation and the world!

The conclusion is that Sarah Palin, the “victim”, has major psychological problems and is too sick to consider for national leadership!

Sarah Palin: The Prima Donna “Victim” Who Wants To Reform Journalism! :(

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been the rage lately, with much attention being paid to her likely decision to run for President!

However, Sarah Palin is coming across as a prima donna, who sees herself as a “victim” of the “lamestream” news media, who have the gall to challenge her credentials and her knowledge of public affairs! She seems to be unable to accept criticism of her thin record and her public activities, expecting that only positive points can be made about her in print and on cable and television and radio!

Sarah lives in her own reality, with the idea that a person who has shown evidence of very little reading and a shallow knowledge of every topic and issue, somehow is qualified to be President of the United States!

The mainstream Republicans, along with independents and Democrats, are horrified at how Sarah Palin is co-opting all attention, despite the fact that her base are those Americans who never read and are totally lacking in knowledge and understanding of complex issues in foreign and domestic policy!

Can we afford to have such a “Know Nothing” mentality in the White House? Can we rely on a person so ignorant of issues to make tough decisions that affect the nation and the world in so many ways? 🙁

If Sarah Palin wishes to run for President, she needs to get a crash course in the issues, as we cannot afford to have a mediocre President in the 21st century! We have a right to expect the BEST from our leaders, not the least!

And if Sarah Palin wishes to run for President, she cannot be given a free pass to avoid questioning and interviews by news media she does not like! She is going through a job interview, and must answer all queries by ANY and ALL media if she wants the job, just as much as all of us must do the same when we apply for employment!

Instead of blaming Katie Couric of CBS for asking her what newspapers and magazines she reads, and what Supreme Court decisions she does not like, she needs to show evidence that she can answer such questions and has a fund of knowledge on public affairs!

Sarah Palin claims to want to “reform” journalism, so that it promotes the truth, but is she trying to say that Fox News Channel and Sean Hannity are the total truth in journalism? Any neutral observer would contest that what Fox News Channel does is true journalism, but rather is propaganda, lies and mistruths!

Sarah Palin should not be given the privilege of saying NO to the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, or any other news organization! She cannot be allowed to dictate who she talks to or answers questions from, as she must go through the obstacle course that every Presidential candidate goes through!

Has Barack Obama had the privilege of choosing his media contacts, as a candidate or as President? Whoever wishes to lead us must satisfy OUR expectations, not his or hers!

We do not have room for a prima donna “victim” in the White House, as the challenges of the Presidency requires a person who can deal with much bigger stresses than Katie Couric or any other journalist can pose!

In other words, as Harry Truman said, “if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”