Iranian Nuclear Program

Abandoning Iran Nuclear Deal Would Insure That North Korea Would Never Agree To Any Agreement With United States

Donald Trump is extremely ignorant and clueless about foreign policy, and about how authoritarian dictators think.

He has aspirations to be an authoritarian dictator, but our Constitution, Bill of Rights, News Media, and Judicial System will prevent such an eventuallty.

Trump expects North Korea and its unstable leader, Kim Jong Un, just to give up their nuclear program because of our threats of military force.

He seems not to understand that Kim Jong Un, as crazy as he is, is smarter than Donald Trump, and knows what happened to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, who gave up his nuclear program, but was then overthrown in the “Arab Spring” in 2011.

Kim Jong Un also sees how Trump is ready to break the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, despite it being obeyed by Iran, and the other nations in the agreement (Great Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia) still supporting the agreement.

If Trump follows through on destroying the Iranian Nuclear Agreement without just cause, what kind of message does that send to Kim Jong Un?

It shows that the United States cannot be trusted to keep any agreement, so why should North Korea give up its ultimate weapon?

This is NOT a belief that Kim Jong Un and his nation are not international pariahs, but the Trump abandonment on Iran will most certainly conbince North Korea and Iran to move ahead on their nuclear programs, knowing neither can trust the United States on any agreement.

The Lie About Barack Obama And Israel

For 40 months now, a rumor, and resulting lie, has been spread that Barack Obama is not good for Israel and its security.

Republicans and conservatives have said that Obama is the worst President in history for Israel, and they emphasize that relations between the President and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are frosty at times.

Netanyahu, himself, has cozied up to the Republican Party, since he is basically a conservative in his political views.

But below the surface of what seems to be a breach between Israel and the United States, we now learn that the two nations have been working together to develop cyber weapons to shut down and, ultimately, destroy the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

This is one of the great collaborations of US history, if one thinks about it, but is often covered up, purposely, in the view of the author of this blog.

It is clear that Barack Obama will go to the extreme to protect our traditional ally, Israel, and that while he and Netanyahu may disagree on details of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, that Obama, who has had more contact with Jews in his life than any other President, and has many Jewish advisers, officially and unofficially, can be relied upon to put the interests of Israel at the top of his foreign policy agenda.

When the history of US-Israel relations under President Obama are written in the future, the “big lie” technique that has been utilized by Republicans and conservatives will be exposed, but already one can see elements of it.

While every President has his critics and detractors, Barack Obama has been subjected to endless attacks and the use of the “big lie” to undermine him, but the truth shall win out, and the critics are still likely to have to deal with the 44th President for another four years, as his efforts for Israel only add to his stature as a diplomat and statesman!