Ion Television Network

A Show NOT To Be Missed: The Trump Moderated Republican Presidential Debate In Des Moines, Iowa On December 27

For those who LOVE dramatics and want a good evening of laughter, tune in on the Ion Television network, available on most extended cable systems, on Tuesday, December 27, when Donald Trump will host and moderate a Republican Presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa, one week before the Iowa Caucuses!

Cosponsored by NewsMax, a conservative news website and magazine, Trump plans to ask challenging questions, particularly on foreign policy, where he feels the United States needs to make clear that this nation will not be pushed around by China, Iran, Pakistan and other nations that he considers the enemy. He sounds ready to bomb and invade everywhere, and is joined in that by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry in their boastfulness about how “masculine” they are! And it will be fun to see Ron Paul clash with Trump, since he is on the extreme opposite side on the issue of foreign intervention!

Trump also intends to endorse one of the candidates after the debate, but if that candidate fails to win the nomination, he is considering running as an Independent in the fall campaign! All the better as that will guarantee Barack Obama a second term in the White House!

As a sign of sanity and intelligence, the BEST qualified candidate in foreign policy and the truly ONLY reputable challenger to Barack Obama, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, has already declined to participate in the debate, and has never been asked to meet Donald Trump in his offices in Manhattan. This makes Huntsman even more legitimate a candidate than ever, that he refuses to participate in what many consider to be a “political circus”!

The debate will certainly be enjoyable for political junkies, and particularly, it will be interesting to see how Mitt Romney handles himself with Trump.

It seems clear that the two major egotists, the two major “windbags”, the two major pompous braggarts, the two major self promoters–Trump and Newt Gingrich–should have a very interesting interaction, which is likely to cause raised eyebrows and tons of laughter at the concept of just how obnoxious can two “loose cannons” become? The question is whether the two men can sit in the same room and not feel threatened by the other!

So the major political event of all since the debate season began is going to entertain us during the holiday season! Enjoy and have a good time laughing and rolling one’s eyes!