“Flip Flopping”

There He Goes Again: Mitt Romney Now Says He Would Keep Portions Of “ObamaCare”!

Republican Presidential nominee was on Meet The Press this morning with David Gregory, and he ‘flip flopped” again for the umpteenth time!

A massive liar and deceiver, Romney spent the last year saying he would repeal “ObamaCare”, even though he had pushed through a plan strikingly similar in Massachusetts when he was Governor in 2006–what is known as “RomneyCare”! With that stand, he gained support of skeptical conservatives on his way to the Republican Presidential nomination.

But now he sees that millions of Americans actually like “ObamaCare”, particularly the coverage of young people on their parents’ plans until age 26; and the coverage of preexisting conditions for children and adults; and the closing of the “donut hole” for millions of senior citizens.

So suddenly, he says with a straight face that he would wish to keep those portions of the plan, but fails to acknowledge that if the plan is not kept in its entirety, then these provisions cannot be sustained financially for the long term.

He is, of course, probably going to alienate his conservative base by “flip flopping”, and it still is the case that how can anyone trust anything Romney says? Even Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, accused of “flip flopping”, which doomed his candidacy, joked about Romney being on all sides of every question, in his speech at the Democratic National Convention last week!

At the same time, Paul Ryan, the Vice Presidential nominee, seemd uncomfortable and stuttered a lot on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, as he was challenged on his voting record and his own “flop flopping”. Ryan is competing with Romney for how much he can lie and deceive, and refuse to accept when he is called out for inaccuracies, insisting he is correct when he is not!

Romney and Ryan are competing with Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew for the most dishonest, deceptive Presidential-Vice Presidential team in modern American history!

The Hypocrisy Of Mitt Romney: Champion “Flip Flopper” Criticized John Kerry In 2004 For Massive “Flip Flopping”!

It has been uncovered that Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts openly criticized Senator John Kerry of his home state, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, in that year’s campaign for “massive flip flopping”, a charge leveled by the campaign of President George W. Bush, but actually far from being accurate!

Kerry did “flip flop” on some issues, but nowhere near the number and depth of “flip flopping” of Romney in the present Presidential campaign, and nowhere near as much as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been shown to have done over the course of time!

Romney is a major hypocrite in so saying what he did in 2004, and then pursuing a much greater level of such switches!

Meanwhile, Senator Kerry has continued his distinguished career in the US Senate, and presently is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee!