Federal Regulation

Theodore Roosevelt, The Food And Drug Administration, And Conservative Attack On Medical Expertise!

In 1906, after reading the novel THE JUNGLE, by Upton Sinclair, President Theodore Roosevelt took leadership and pressured Congress into forming the Food and Drug Administration, under the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

Now, 117 years later, a right wing Federal District Court Judge appointed by President Donald Trump, Matthew Kacsmaryk, is trying to destroy the right of women to an abortion drug Mifepristone, which has been safely used for a generation since it was approved in 2000, and is safer than many other drugs approved by the FDA.

This is a clearcut religious extremist decision, without concern of the effect it will have on millions of American women, and it cannot be allowed to stand.

The FDA is appealing this intervention, and this is a tense time as it will have a dramatic effect on the whole political system, at a time when vast majorities support a woman’s right to control her own body and reproduction!

Theodore Roosevelt, were he here in the present times, would roundly condemn this attack on the most basic federal regulatory agency, added to by later Presidents and Congresses who understand the federal government’s need for regulation in support of the American people, and the lack of religious groups having the authority to control Americans’ lives!

If one is religious, do not have an abortion, but do not dictate in a country based on separation of church and state what other Americans’ rights are!

Sarah Palin On Third Anniversary Of VP Nomination: Don’t Forget Me As I Exploit My Celebrity And Gain Attention!

Former Vice Presidential nominee and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin showed up in Indianola, Iowa, on Saturday, on the third anniversary of her becoming a national figure.

Reading from a text, she issued attacks on Barack Obama, saying he had not been fully vetted, an interesting statement, since she herself had not been fully vetted, and had John McCain done so, he would have chosen someone who was qualified in an emergency to become President of the United States.

Palin has exploited her brief moment on the national stage for all it is worth, demonstrating she is a good capitalist, while at the same attacking “crony capitalism”, implying her criticism of Republican front runner Governor Rick Perry of Texas. It seems as if she is jealous of Perry having a lead, when every poll shows only a very small percentage, including the adoring fans who showed up at the political rally, interested in her running for President!

The odds of her running are slim, as she well knows she has no chance to be our President, but she seems unwilling to drop the idea altogether, so kept the crowd wondering if she would announce for President by the end of September, which is really the deadline if one is to build a campaign organization, which she has taken no steps toward creating.

Palin gave her own prescription for economic recovery, showing she has no clue to the reality of our economy. She called for the following:

1. Repeal the Obama Health Care plan.
2. Cut back federal regulations.
3. Increase domestic energy production.
4. Give more spending authority to state governments.
5.Eliminate all corporate income taxes.

Palin also criticized Establishment Republicans who attack the Tea Party as a group of “hobbits”, which meant she was attacking her former running mate, Senator John McCain, without mentioning his name!

She also attacked the “permanent political class”, referring to those who have held public office a long time, including Rick Perry, and by implication, John McCain.

Apparently, the fact that she had LESS political experience than Barack Obama in public office, and quit as Alaska Governor in the middle of her one term, even evoking surprise this week from former Vice President Dick Cheney, is seen by her as a plus, but by no one else who has any brains in their head!

So Sarah is basically just saying she does not want to be forgotten, and is exploiting her celebrity, and gaining attention from those who have no clue as to how to run a government and take responsibility for serious problems and issues!