Eugene “Bull” Connor

A Slap From The Supreme Court To Arizona Governor Jan Brewer And Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Well Deserved!

The Supreme Court decision today on the Arizona immigration law was a major slap in the face of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, along with the other pure racists in Arizona government in the Republican Party.

How different is Jan Brewer from Alabama Governor George Wallace fifty years ago?

How different is Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief Eugene “Bull” Connor fifty years ago?

The answer is very little, and both will be condemned in the history books, and rightfully!

What is hoped will happen is that the Hispanic vote in Arizona, growing by leaps and bounds, joins with other liberal and progressive forces, and kicks the GOP out of state power and in Congress as soon as possible!

The Republicans are doomed in Arizona long term, and there is no greater justice than that!

And Alabama’s immigration law is also doomed, another slap in the face of that state government which was racist in the 1960s, and sadly is today, but appropriately disciplined by the Supreme Court!