“Etch A Sketch”

Barack Obama To Dmitry Medveded: More “Flexible” After Election! What A Blunder!

This author often defends Barack Obama, but the news today that Obama has told Dmitry Medveded, the outgoing President of Russia, that he will be more flexible after the American Presidential election, is alarming!

It is certainly true that Barack Obama or any leader has more flexibility after an election, than before. That is just common sense.

But to say such a thing, overheard by an open microphone at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, is unwise, and potentially dangerous, for relations between Russia and the United States, as the issue at hand is the proposed NATO Missile Defense system, which Russia opposes, and Europe wants, as a protection against Iran.

This comment could have a dramatic effect on the election, and could, potentially, be a game changer, as it is clear that the Republican opposition will mine it for all it is worth.

This blunder will promote the crazies, who will argue that it further disqualifies Barack Obama to be President, as he is a foreigner and anti American!

There is only one answer for both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, his likely opponent.

Both must come out and clearly delineate their plans, both foreign and domestic, instead of broad generalizations, since one of them will be elected President.

Romney was harmed by the “etch a sketch” comment of his aide last week, and this has also caused his legitimacy to be questioned, as to whether he will change course in the campaign, and promote ideas dramatically different than his campaign has so far advocated.

It would be wonderful if we could, for just once, get a real accounting by both sides, as to their intentions and motivations. Of course, any plan is subject to change by events of the moment in the future, but we should demand as much forthrightness as is possible!

It is clear, however, that since both have made major blunders in the campaign, along with Rick Santorum, that the outcome of the election, and what will be seen as the turning point, may be impossible to realize at this moment.

But what Obama did today is, definitely, a setback to his campaign, and to the ability of the American people to feel full trust in his leadership!