Christian Militia

Right Wing Christian Militia: The True Danger To America!

The arrest of nine people in Michigan, part of a right wing Christian Militia, that were planning to kill police officers and begin a war against the government and all who work for it, in the name of fighting the Anti Christ, is a warning sign of the true danger that this nation faces.

We have the Tea Party people, many of whom border on anarchism and racism, advocating action against what they call “Socialism”, which they seem to think is a real danger to our country, when we are nowhere near moving to the extreme left.

We are in real danger, however, from the extreme right, which seems to think their ideas are the same as “patriotism”, but actually advocate using Christianity as a weapon against a nation that has been based on separation of church and state.

It is these religious fanatics, a small percentage of the country, that represent the ultimate threat to our diversity, pluralism, and freedoms. It is good to see that the government is actively involved in infiltration of these fanatical groups which are to be resisted at all costs to preserve the nation we love!