Bob Bennett

Dan Quayle’s Recommendation To The Republican Party Should Be Ignored!

Former Vice President Dan Quayle, a major embarrassment and albatross around President George H.W. Bush’s neck during his administration, has been pretty much out of the political scene for years, but now he has emerged with advice for his fellow Republicans.

Quayle recommends that his party unite with the Tea Party activists, as the best way to regain power in Washington, DC.

It is obvious that Quayle has learned nothing new in the 17 years since he left the Vice Presidency, and made most Americans relieved that there was no longer a danger of his becoming President.

If the Republicans voters do indeed follow his advice, and if mainstream candidates such as Charlie Crist, John McCain, and Senator Bob Bennett of Utah lose their races to right wingers, the Republican party will be more marginalized. It is not that Crist, McCain and Bennett are all that centrist, but their Tea Party opponents are so much MORE conservative than they are!