Bart Stupak

Threats Against Bart Stupak And Other Health Care Supporters: Republicans Must Be Held Accountable For Ugly Atmosphere They Have Created! :(

It is indeed a sad time when Democratic members of Congress, at least ten at last count, have to face threats and intimidation because of their support of the Health Care reform legislation.

Bricks have been thrown through windows, a gas line to a house was broken, and threatening emails and phone calls have been delivered, with the biggest victim of these attacks by fanatic right wingers being Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan, an anti abortion Democrat who came to an agreement with President Obama that led him and others who were anti abortion to support the Health Care reform legislation. When one listens to the obscene, threatening, despicable phone calls that went to his home in Michigan, terrifying his wife and family, one can only denounce the whole mood encouraged by the extremist right wing radio talk show hosts and Fox News Channel, and even by the rhetoric of Republican leadership in both houses of Congress!

And when Glenn Beck talks about picking up guns, and Sarah Palin makes a list of Democrats in Congress to target for defeat with the image of cross hairs of a gun surrounding their states, one has to say again that freedom of speech is being abused to the extreme!

There has to be real fear that violence is going to escalate, and it will be blamed on GOP tactics that have so divided this country in the past year, that there is no civil discourse anymore!

The Republicans have a responsibility to stop provoking continued anger among their supporters, and act in a civil manner in defeat! Otherwise, they will bear the responsibility for any tragic events that might occur because of their rhetoric!

The Republican Party Shamed Itself : John Boehner And Randy Neugebauer

The Republican Party will look bad in history by the way they conducted themselves in the Health Care debate over the past year.

Being the party of “NO!” and obstructionism, they resisted any cooperation with the Obama Administration, and even at the end yesterday, they acted in a disgraceful way!

John Boehner, the Minority Leader, shouted at the top of his lungs in anger that the bill was being voted on, making himself look very mean spirited and nasty, which seems to be his basic public persona.

At the same time, Congressman Randy Neugebauer of Texas did a “Joe Wilson”, shouting “Baby Killer!”, as Democratic anti abortion Congressman Bart Stupak spoke up in support of the legislation after an agreement with President Obama to issue an executive order banning any public funding of abortion under the legislation. Doesn’t Texas have enough embarrassment by the conduct of its governor, Rick Perry? Now one of its many outrageous Republican congressmen has further disgraced the state, which in many ways is becoming second to South Carolina for reputation of having politicians that destroy the state’s image!

Add the racist, sexist, and homophobic comments of Tea Party activists as they demonstrated against the bill’s passage, and one has to ask: Is anyone in the Republican Party NOT embarrassed by their membership and their followers? Can anyone be proud of being a Republican?