Agricultural Labor

Donald Trump, The President Of Death, Willing To Sacrifice Lives For Economic Greed!

President Donald Trump is clearly the President of Death, willing to sacrifice lives for economic greed!

By demonstrating no empathy or compassion for the 78,000 victims so far of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, he will be condemned in history!

By not appreciating and saluting the medical personnel who are sacrificing their safety, and in numerous cases have died doing their job, he will be condemned in history!

By encouraging people not to wear face masks and take other precautions, he has made the life of many state governors more difficult, as they face crazy, anti quarantining demonstrators who have no concern for human life, except for their own lives, and for this he will be condemned in history!

By acting as if the virus would not affect his own supporters, as well as his critics, and even the White House staff, including those who work around him, including Secret Service agents, he will be condemned in history!

The fact that the virus has become a problem in the White House may be a sign of Karma coming for Donald Trump and his family, and for Vice President Mike Pence and his family, as their refusal to take precautions and wear face masks to set an example for their followers’ health and safety, makes them complicit in what might happen, and for this Donald Trump will be condemned in history!

Donald Trump has no concern for people in nursing homes, in prisons, in public housing, in meat packing plants, or agricultural labor, as to him, they are all lowlifes, and he has no concern for human life, just his own aggrandizement!

At a moment of great crisis, one of the worst moments in American history, Donald Trump has proven he is a total failure, and he just might become one of the victims of his own mismanagement!

If that were to transpire, we would have a nation in which a large percentage, certainly a majority, would not mourn his passing!

Revelation In Georgia: Illegal Immigrants Needed For Agricultural Work Despite Tough Law Passed Against Them!

More states are passing strict laws on illegal immigration, similar to Arizona’s law, which will be litigated by the Supreme Court in its next term.

Georgia is one of those attempting to crack down on illegal immigration in a tough manner, but it has now been discovered that this is creating a tremendous shortage of available workers for the agricultural crop, including the famous Georgia peaches!

It turns out that it is very hard to find workers to do agricultural work, which is back breaking and low paying and requires dealing with working outside in the hot Georgia sun all day! It is not a job for those who wish to have comfortable and decent paying work! It is also a skill to know how to do the work efficiently and speedily, and these illegal immigrants do it well and without complaint, since they are willing to work harder for lower pay than any of us!

So it means that suddenly we may not see fruits and vegetables get to market, and maybe we will have to pay more for such items by paying higher wages to those Americans who might be willing to subject themselves to the work conditions, but it will not be easy to find such individuals!

We are not about to see a rush to volunteer for such jobs, even in a time of high unemployment, as this is not the kind of work that most people born in America can conceptualize themselves doing day after day for 10-12 hours a day!

So it is a fact, hard for many to accept, that discriminating against illegal immigrants, instead of working to make them legal and contributing citizens of this nation, is really spiting ourselves to get satisfaction that we are going after those “inferior” people who make our lives better by picking our agricultural crops, doing our lawns, cleaning our homes, taking care of our children, and a myriad of other difficult jobs that we take for granted as we go about our lives thinking we are, somehow, better than them!

As Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC has said, immigration has been the lifeblood of our nation, and we only hurt ourselves if we strike out against those who are really, what we were through our ancestors generations ago, hated and despised, whether legal or illegal!