Trump’s New Attack Line In Desperation: “Obamagate”

Donald Trump has spent his entire life attacking others, and lying incessantly, and now he is desperate, as he is behind in every national poll imaginable, including Fox News Channel polls.

So now, he is coming up with a new strategy, called “Obamagate”, a play on the Watergate Scandal under Richard Nixon.

Trump is claiming, without any valid evidence, that his candidacy was damaged by a plot of Barack Obama, and adding in his Vice President Joe Biden, who is now leading Trump in public opinion polls.

Never have we seen a President attack his predecessor so vehemently, and Trump is extremely jealous that Obama has a very high public opinion rating, and is rated number 12 in the CSpan poll of historians in 2017, and number 8 in the American Political Science Association poll in 2018, while Trump was rated two years ago as being in last place, number 44, under James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson!

This “Obamagate” farce will get nowhere, and Obama will continue to be rated high, while Trump will never escape the basement, as the worst President ever in our history!

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  1. Jeffrey G Moebus May 14, 2020 5:02 am

    In Other News: No Doc, Libertarianism is not “anarchy and chaos” [Part 1] {from “Conversations with the American Left in a Time of Chaos and Collapse”}

    During the course of a recent e~exchange with a university professor of American History/Progressive Era scholar/author/ MSM columnist, he declared:

    “Libertarianism leads to anarchy and chaos, but will never succeed as they fail to understand human nature, and the need for government regulation.”

    To which i responded: “You are absolutely correct when You say that Libertarianism indeed does NOT understand “the need for government regulation.” Of Anything or Anybody. And Nobody on the Left ~ be they antifa, communist, socialist, progressive, democratic socialist, socialistic Democrat, or corporatist crony capitalist neoconservative/neoliberal “liberal” [or “conservative”] ~ has ever been able to come up with a cogent and coherent, logical, rational, fact-based explanation as to exactly Why government regulation of Anything or Anybody is needed.

    “But beyond that: With this remark, Professor Z, You also demonstrate Your abysmal ignorance of what Libertarianism is [the very opposite of “anarchy and chaos”], and what it is based on [a very clear and complete understanding of “human nature”].

    “And You have absolutely no historical, empirical, or reality-based foundation whatever for declaring that “Libertarianism leads to anarchy and chaos.” The reason that this is a totally erroneous statement is because Libertarianism has never been tried anyplace on this Planet. Ever.

    “At least not yet.

    “The closest thing to a “Libertarian” government in history was what emerged after The First American Revolution between 1776 and 1783, and which was terminated with extreme prejudice with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788.”

    To which Doctor Z responded: “I am not going to go back and forth with you constantly, Jeffrey, as nothing I say will ever satisfy you, so from now on, no comments will be made any further. I have gone way beyond what I should have answered, so this is the end!”

    And i, in turn, returned his adios with: “i’ve enjoyed our exchanges, Professor. They have given me very deep insight into ~ and a very good idea as to ~ why the American Left is in shambles as it tries to figure out how to survive The Age of Trump. You have a great summer. ~ jeff”

    Instead of proclaiming that “This is the end!” [i was instantly reminded of the opening scene of Coppola’s Apocalypse Now], i wish the good Doctor had instead responded: “So, then: How is Libertarianism Not chaos and anarchy, or would not lead to it? And what does Libertarianism understand about human nature that the rest of us don’t?”

    Had he sent that, this is how i would have responded: “Before proceeding, Doctor, let’s have a little “rectification of words” [as the Confus/cians once put it]: What exactly do You mean by the words “anarchy” and “chaos”?

    “Based on Your declaration that Libertarianism “will never succeed as they fail to understand…the need for government regulation,” my guess is that a big part of Your definition of “anarchy and chaos” is the absence of government regulation. Particularly Federal government regulation.

    “That, and not quite enough [again, particularly] Federal government authority with domination, command and control of, and power over as much of the governed economy and civil society that the Political Class [and their owners and operators] can inflict, and get away with without totally destroying that economy and civil society.

    “In Your mind, a strong [but only if enlightened and guided by the proper ideology] central Government is all that stands between America and Your “anarchy and chaos.”And it is on this matter that You are seriously confused.

    “It is not Government that prevents “anarchy and chaos.”

    “What prevents “chaos” is a Rule of Law and a Citizenry ~ as individuals, families, communities, and organizations at the local, state, national, international, and global levels ~ a Citizenry that lives in accordance and compliance with that Rule of Law.

    “The biggest impediment to and enemy of a Rule of Law throughout History has been the chaos and anarchy of Government, aka The Rule of Men [and recently increasingly, Women].

    “And, not surprisingly, the biggest violent and non-violent Criminals throughout History have been those Rulers who use the Power of Government to control “their” [and their owners’ and operators’] economy and civil society so as to accomplish specific individual, organizational, and/or institutional cohort Goals and Objectives.

    “What Libertarianism would do to protect The Rule of Law from that Rule of Men is to eliminate as much Government intervention in, interference with, and interruption of the economy and civil society as possible.

    “By doing that, Libertarianism would eliminate the anarchy and chaos of: America’s $ 1 = 1 Vote political system; its government of, by, and for the special interests and the politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists who work for them; and the tyranny of The Ruling Elite of her Political Class. And that’s just in America. And that’s just for starters.”

    THAT is How and Why Libertarianism is the exact opposite ~ and deadliest enemy ~ of “anarchy and chaos,” Doctor Z.

    The COVID-19 Event has given us a Planet ~ and particularly an America ~ with more government authority, domination, command, control, and absolute, unchallenged, and seemingly unchallengeable power than at any time since at least World War II [if not pre-First Revolution Colonial America], from the local to the state to the national to the international level.

    For a very significant number of Human Beings all over the Planet ~ and each for very many different reasons ~ their governments’ reactions and responses to The COVID-19 Event at all levels have resulted in nothing but anarchy and chaos in their lives. And the collateral damage of personal, familial, communal, and organizational tragedy and loss of both Blood and Treasure that they have suffered is incalculable.

    Libertarianism could not possibly lead to any more anarchy and chaos than is being experienced now.

    Part 2 will outline what i understand about what Libertarianism understands about “human nature” that collectivists, statists, interventionists, and empire builders don’t, be they Left, Right, or Muddled Middle.


  2. Rustbelt Democrat May 14, 2020 11:35 am

    Yep, Former Republican. It’s 100% “projection”.

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