America On The Verge Of A Second “Great Depression”, All Caused By Donald Trump’s Ignorance, Stupidity, And Corruption!

It is hard to believe, but America is on the verge of a Second “Great Depression”, all caused by Donald Trump’s ignorance and stupidity!

America had 123 million population in 1930, as the Great Depression under Herbert Hoover began.

Now in 2020, it is 330 million, so more than 200 million people higher, about 270 percent higher.

This coming Great Depression is likely to last as long as the first Great Depression, a decade or more, as even the Great Recession of 2008 continued to reverberate for at least another five years after that.

We already have poverty and deprivation much too prevalent BEFORE this event, and now it will get much worse!

The possibility of widespread violence and bloodshed, in a population much more diverse than it was in 1930, and with the much greater prevalence of firearms, at least equal to the population numbers, is a totally terrifying prospect!

And to learn that the wealthy want ever more tax cuts, as their greed and selfishness continues to grow, is totally outrageous. They need to give up much of the Trump, Bush II, and Reagan tax cuts they gained undeservedly in the past four decades, while the middle class deteriorated, and the the number of poor, homeless, and hungry people escalated!

The stupidity and bias of millions of Americans who thought Donald Trump was a savior, and the involvement of Fox News Channel, Conservative Talk Radio, and the Evangelical Christian right pastors and ministers in backing the corruption and venality of Donald Trump is infuriating! His corrupt collaborators in Congress and the judiciary is also a total repudiation of the American people and their welfare!

There has to be a place in Hell for all of these perpetrators who have no ethics, morals, conscience, or scruples!

19 comments on “America On The Verge Of A Second “Great Depression”, All Caused By Donald Trump’s Ignorance, Stupidity, And Corruption!

  1. Jeffrey Moebus March 22, 2020 12:58 am

    So, Dr Feinman, how do You account for this? :

    Majority of Americans now say they approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus: poll

    The majority of Americans now approve of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a reversal from just one week prior, according to a new Ipsos/ABC News poll.

    Of those surveyed, 55 percent said that they approved of the president’s handling of the situation, while 43 percent said they disapproved. The numbers were basically reversed from one week ago when 54 percent said they disapproved and 43 percent approved. []

    That’s significantly more than voted for him in 2016; a well above his perennial 44-48% approvoal ratings since he assumed the throne back in 2017.

    To what do You attribute his sudden rise in popularity?

  2. Fred T Searcy March 22, 2020 7:32 am

    Let’s not forget the Great Depression eventually resulted in some of the most important social programs in the history of the world. It may also be the springboard for universal healthcare, changes in election laws for the better (more uniform laws and new methods of voting), a tax rate that brings about a better middle class, and many other progressive ideas. That doesn’t mean it wont be hard times, difficult times and even dangerous times. It could also mean we fall into tyranny. I’m hearing more and more people express the need for changes to the system – both local, state, and national. Then again, there’s Bill Barr.

  3. Jeffrey Moebus March 22, 2020 7:35 am

    Let us also not forget that the only way The Great Depression ended was with The Second World War. How many folks didn’t get to take advantage of all those great things The Great Depression brought?

  4. Former Republican March 22, 2020 9:53 am

    The people that approve of his handling of this are idiots. Trump is not handling this crisis well.

  5. Former Republican March 22, 2020 10:09 am

    Thumbs up to that, Fred.

  6. Princess Leia March 22, 2020 11:39 am

    Someone in a city about 20 or 30 minute drive away from us has the virus.

  7. Former Republican March 22, 2020 11:41 am

    As Governor Northam said in his briefing this morning, people are still not following the social distancing protocols.

  8. Rustbelt Democrat March 22, 2020 1:08 pm

    You’re going to have to have a lockdown like NY, CA, IL, NJ.

  9. Pragmatic Progressive March 22, 2020 2:06 pm

    Guarantee you that the people praising Trump in that poll aren’t taking the virus seriously.

  10. Southern Liberal March 22, 2020 4:03 pm

    I heard that Angela Merkel has gotten it too.

  11. Ronald March 22, 2020 4:25 pm

    Jeffrey, these people who agree with Trump are suicidal and totally clueless!
    Let them get the virus, and we could solve the problem of stupidity quite quickly!
    We have a society with a lot of very sick people mentally, and many of these same people, being so self hating, will probably commit suicide and solve many issues in the process, once they realize Trump has done them in!

  12. Ronald March 22, 2020 4:26 pm

    Fred, my former colleague, I am in total agreement with you,and thank you for your comment! 🙂
    Bill Barr must be removed and prosecuted as an enemy of the people! 🙁

  13. Princess Leia March 22, 2020 6:04 pm

    From what I hear, the stimulus that the Senate Republicans are trying to pass favors the rich.

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