The Midterm Elections Of 2018 Come Down To A Referendum On Donald Trump

It is now certain that the Midterm Elections of 2018 are a referendum on Donald Trump, in a way unseen since at least when Richard Nixon went out and campaigned in the midterm 1970 elections.

Donald Trump is becoming more unstable and reckless by the day, and by his nonstop campaigning in states with Democrats in the Senate, but support for Donald Trump in 2016, the results will be seen as either a repudiation or an endorsement of the President.

Trump is behaving in a more erratic manner than ever before, including talk about ending birthright citizenship by executive order, even though even conservatives make it clear that cannot be accomplished other than by a constitutional amendment.

Trump is also claiming he is sending thousands of soldiers to the Mexico border, more than we have seen since Woodrow Wilson was President a century ago, during the Mexican Revolution, although it seems the Pentagon has no such plans actually to do so.

Trump is making Central American refugees, mostly women and children, seem like a terrorist, drug dealing, criminal mob, and now has even stated that if any refugees show any sign of throwing rocks at soldiers, then he will order the troops to use firearms against these people.

This would remind us of what happened at Kent State University in 1970, when National Guardsmen opened up fire with live ammunition against a demonstration of students against the invasion of Cambodia, and killed four and wounded nine.

Trump is lying to scare voters, instill fear, and make people hate migrants (poor women and their children) who are simply escaping bloodshed, violence, and gangs trying to recruit their children in nations that have fallen into disarray by American policy over the last few decades.

If this awful scenario were ever to occur, it would be grounds for nationwide marches and demonstrations, as to shoot and kill unarmed people who just have rocks, would be a war crime.

This is yet another reason why it is urgent that Donald Trump be repudiated next Tuesday, and that the Republicans be defeated nationwide, as otherwise, the horrors of a declaration of martial law, and the establishment of a Fascist dictatorship will be on us, and our democracy will be destroyed.

Future generations will look at such an event as the most horrific possible moment in US history, and it is possible to imagine a civil war breaking out, which our rivals in the world would love to see happen, as it would destroy the world leadership of the United States in a way that would not be retrievable for decades.

4 comments on “The Midterm Elections Of 2018 Come Down To A Referendum On Donald Trump

  1. D November 2, 2018 10:10 am

    Campaigning on fear is, in most cases, a losing strategy.

    Donald Trump, I think, knows his 2018 Republican Party will lose the U.S. House, may lose the majority count of the nation’s governorships, and the U.S. Senate is in tossup/Lean Republican hold status that could, with additional 2018 Democratic national shift, also become lost.

    So, what does Trump do? He holds rallies like as if those in attendance—whether they are their legitimately or paid to appear—can be a difference maker because, to them, 2016 and 2018 are nearly one in the same. No. Trump is now the incumbent U.S. president.

    Go back to giving to a little thought Paul Ryan.

    Why, if Donald Trump’s Republican Party in good shape for what will manifest overall with the 2018 elections, has the 54th U.S. House speaker opted not to run for re-election?

    Well, it’s not so much Paul Ryan, for his congressional distict (Wisconsin #01), but it is about Ryan and his staff having internal poll numbers—since Trump’s first year in office, 2017—to know about himself and his fellow Republican colleagues’ electoral prospects. In other words, Ryan knows his work. And Ryan knew not to put himself in position to possibly become unseated as had happened, in 1994, to then-Democratic and 49th U.S. House speaker Tom Foley (Washington #05).

    This is, as recognized by Paul Ryan, a losing situation for 2018 Trump, yes, but more so a losing one for the 2018 Republican Party.

    Run on fear?

    That is running on desperation. And, the way that is processed by the overall voting electorate, it is not motivating for citizens when they participate in elections and cast their votes. (Some—sure. Most—no.)

  2. Princess Leia November 2, 2018 3:42 pm

    Obama nailed it at a rally in Florida this afternoon. The character of our country is on the ballot.

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