Day: March 7, 2018

Donald Trump Loves Chaos And Anarchy: A Guarantee Of His Failure And Downfall

Donald Trump loves chaos and anarchy, which is a guarantee of his failure and ultimate downfall.

In just 13 and a half months, he has had more staff resign or be fired than any other President, now nearly doubling the turnover of any of the last four Presidents.

At the same time, many positions have not been filled that are crucial for the smooth operating of the American government.

And clearly, Donald Trump is more mercurial and temperamental a Chief Executive than any President, clearly even more than Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon, both known for their mental instability, but neither on the level of Trump.

The Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon Presidencies were centers of constant stress and turmoil, but not on the level we are now experiencing.

The one lucky thing about these 13 and a half months is that there has, thankfully, been no major crisis to test the ability of Donald Trump to do his job, no turning point that every President eventually faces.

When that time and situation arises, we will not be ready as a nation to deal with it, and we only have to hope and pray that we will be able to deal with it in a manner that will not cause long term damage, but honestly, pessimism is the more realistic view to have, rather than optimism.