Migration Of Puerto Ricans To US Mainland Will Transform Florida Politics Over Next Few Years In Favor Of Democratic Party

It is predictable, that as a result of Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico, we will see a massive migration of people from Puerto Rico to the mainland Unites States.

As citizens of the United States, all that it takes is a plane or ship trip to the mainland, and they are not immigrants.

The vast majority of migrating Puerto Ricans are likely to end up in Central Florida, around Orlando and Tampa, where recent settlement of Puerto Ricans has gone in the past few years.

Some will also also settle in South Florida as well, and additionally, many will go to New York City, where the original major population from decades ago from the island settled.

Some will end up in New Jersey, and in Philadelphia and Chicago, as major metropolitan areas.

The effect of this Puerto Rican population wave will have a dramatic effect on Florida politics, as long as these migrants choose to vote, after they have seen the lack of consideration or concern by President Donald Trump toward their island.

In general, Puerto Ricans, as other Hispanic groups, except Cubans, tend to vote Democratic historically.

So already, there are signs that Florida Governor Rick Scott, planning to challenge Senator Bill Nelson for his Senate seat next year, is showing signs of interest and concern about welcoming these migrants.

One can be sure that Scott is playing politics, as he still remains one of the absolutely worst Governors in America, and has shown little interest in any kind of assistance to the poor, minorities and making life better for Floridians, other than the wealthy.

But it is clear cut that we might see a major transformation in Florida politics, which could help swing the national election for President in future years in favor of the Democrats, as Florida had the third most electoral votes and will have more by the 2024 and 2028 elections.

2 comments on “Migration Of Puerto Ricans To US Mainland Will Transform Florida Politics Over Next Few Years In Favor Of Democratic Party

  1. D October 20, 2017 8:02 am

    I am, at this point, predicting that Election 2020 will be a Republican hold and re-election for Donald Trump.

    I would envision the 2020 map as follows:


    For the presidency to flip from the Republican to the Democratic column, it is not 2020 but 2024 that I would predict. Here is what I think the map would look like (with electoral votes’ allocations reflective of 2012, 2016, and 2020):


    All the light shades are pickups. In 2024, if that turns out to be the next Democratic presidential pickup year, Texas is in yellow to indicate tossup because, by then, it will be vulnerable.

    As for the Democrats winning back majority control at any level, it is going to have to happen by no later than 2022. To fail to reach by then would indicate that Election 2016 was a realigning election which favors the Republican Party.

  2. Ronald October 20, 2017 3:42 pm

    My gosh, D, I hope you are wrong about 2020! 🙁

    It really makes me think the American people are sick, sick, sick, to think that Trump would win and they would support a second term, or even Pence to win the 2020 election! 🙁

    The nation will be destroyed in so many ways if this occurs! 🙁

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