New C Span Presidential Survey Released, Changing Perceptions Of America’s 44 Presidents From Washington To Obama

For a Presidential scholar or junkie like this author, today was a glorious day, with the announcement of the new C Span Presidential survey, the third such survey, after 2000 and 2009.

There will be time to analyze the details of the survey, which included 91 scholars judging all our Presidents in ten different categories, the same as in 2000 and 2009.

The number of scholars is far greater than it had been in the past two surveys.

For the first time, Barack Obama was ranked, and he achieved the spot as number 12 of all the Presidents, a great start, although in my May article on History News Network, which is found on the right side of my blog, I rank him Number 11.

But there is time for Obama to rise into the Top Ten, as appreciation of the 44th President is certain to grow as time passes.

What stands out the most to this scholar is how even the worst Presidents have more virtue and good intention, even if they failed, than our President Donald Trump in his first month in the White House.

Trump has disgraced the office he holds, and his being in office, even for a short time, undermines the reputation of the 44 men who held the position before him.

This is indeed a tragic moment in American history.

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