Joe Biden Presidential Bid In 2020?

Hard to believe, but Vice President Joe Biden is actually considering the possibility of running again for President in 2020, when he would be 78 years of age.

Biden is leaving public life on January 20, after 44 years of service, close to an all time record, with 36 years as Delaware Senator and 8 years as a very active, involved, and engaged Vice President, who had a major impact on the office.

Everyone loves Joe Biden, even Republicans, who saluted him in a Senate honoring of him this week, as Biden was able, even under President Obama, to cross the aisle and gain some support, even when Republicans were reluctant to work with the President.

Since the election, the feeling has developed that Biden, the “poorest US Senator” in his past, and with working class roots, and knowing how to appeal to the white working class, would have been able to bridge the difference in votes in Pennsylvania (the state he grew up in), Michigan and Wisconsin, and pulled out victory had he been the Democratic Presidential nominee.

If Biden’s son, Beau Biden, had not died in May 2015, it is believed that Joe would have run against Hillary Clinton, and might have been able to defeat her, and even Bernie Sanders, for the nomination, something, however, we will never be sure of, but a thought that will linger.

Of course, many liberals and Democrats will argue that Joe Biden is too old to run again, and that his record in the Senate was not as liberal as Bernie Sanders, and more in line with the record of Hillary Clinton, and that he cannot please millennials and the strong Left in the Democratic Party, which wants new and more progressive leadership in the future.

It is clear that if Biden ran, his warts and shortcomings would be emphasized, including originally supporting the Iraq War, as Hillary Clinton did, and the struggle for the nomination would not be easy, and one wonders if he could actually defeat Donald Trump if Trump ran for reelection.

What is clear now is that there is no way to know the future, after seeing Presidents, including John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump overcome many hurdles that few thought they could to win the Presidency, so who can say that a well loved, working class guy like Joe Biden at the age of 78, could not win the White House?

This is what makes following American politics so exciting, and also, get this, a Senate seat looks ready to open, as Democratic Senator Thomas Carper, finishing his third term in 2018, is rumored to be planning to retire, so in theory, and by some rumors, Joe Biden could run to return to the Senate and add to his six terms and 36 years in the Senate, and therefore be in elective office, at the time of a Presidential campaign in 2020!

6 comments on “Joe Biden Presidential Bid In 2020?

  1. D December 11, 2016 5:04 pm


    At this point, I cannot take seriously talk about the 2020 United States presidential election.

    The reason is because there is a floating of a name, here or there, as if there is a testing to see who or what gets traction.

    Like as if it test-marketing.

    A few weeks ago it was Tim Kaine.

    There was mention of Chelsea Clinton for a congressional seat from New York.

    And here we have Joe Biden.

    I suspect this is motivated by insiders in the Democratic Party who want to absolutely thwart the party moving to an ideologically left-wing political party which could bring an end to Clintonism/neoliberal rule. And floating Chelsea is a part of this with the Clinton name; the Clinton brand. (Can It reap donations?) So, how about Kaine? Biden? The next establishment-approved name?

    As I have mentioned before…we have not seen anyone who was in Congress who voted for going to war in Iraq get elected to the presidency of the United States. I think that pattern will continue. And I dismiss the potential of a President Joe Biden.

  2. Pragmatic Progressive December 11, 2016 5:08 pm

    We need to concentrate on taking back Congress in 2018 first.

  3. Princess Leia December 11, 2016 5:12 pm

    I second that Pragmatic. And, for the immediate future, we need to focus doggedly on our issues, and organize to work around the roadblocks that the Trump administration is going to throw up.

  4. Southern Liberal December 15, 2016 1:22 pm

    Heard last night that Elizabeth Warren may be planning to run.

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