Donald Trump Reaction On Tuesday Night, November 8, Crucial For Civil Order And Stability: What Will He Say And Do?

Tuesday night, the Donald Trump reaction to his impending defeat will be crucial for civil order and stability.

The question is what he will say and do, as it will make a dramatic difference on the future.

Will he be statesmanlike and concede defeat in a dignified way, as all previous Presidential election losers have done?

Or will he stir animosity and encourage civil disorder, chaos, anarchy, and violence?

If he does the latter, there is only one answer, to hold him accountable, as he is not above the law!

If he “shouts fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire”, he must be summarily charged with inciting revolution and disorder, and be arrested, charged, and convicted, and pay the price!

Trump has escaped prosecution for his many violations of the law, but now it is time to pay up for his crimes, if he causes disruption of the body politic!

Hopefully, he will recognize that his historical reputation, already in tatters, can be rehabilitated somewhat if he acts like a gentleman and a good loser.

But do NOT hold your breath expecting that, as you are likely to be disappointed!

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