Hillary Clinton Hits Home Run In Third Debate, And Trump Disqualifies Himself By Refusing To Say He Would Concede After November 8!

Hillary Clinton hit a home run last night in the third and last Presidential debate, and Donald Trump, as former Republican National Chairman Michael Steele declared, disqualified himself by refusing to say that he would concede graciously and with class and dignity, if he loses the election, which he most certainly will lose.

More than before, Donald Trump has harmed himself and the Republican Party, which looks as if it is in its death knell on the Presidential level, at the least, for a long time, as “Red” states are seemingly turning “Blue”, including Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, Georgie, and even, possibly, Texas.

Also, referring to Hillary Clinton as a “nasty lady” was totally uncalled for, and added to the image that Donald Trump is a totally uncaring, selfish, sore loser!

Many Republicans and conservatives, more than ever, are running away from him, but many will become victims of his destructive, negative campaign, and the conservative and evangelical Christian movement has been permanently damaged.

Trump is such a misogynist, that he cannot tolerate losing to a “girl”, and he will never recover psychologically from the coming massive defeat he will suffer on November 8.

He will go down in history as the worst, most despicable, human being ever to take part in Presidential politics!

12 comments on “Hillary Clinton Hits Home Run In Third Debate, And Trump Disqualifies Himself By Refusing To Say He Would Concede After November 8!

  1. Princess Leia October 20, 2016 10:08 pm

    Trump and Hillary were at the Al Smith dinner tonight. For anyone unfamiliar with it, it’s a political tradition where presidential candidates often make lighthearted jokes about each other.

    Trump began his remarks making a few jokes that drew positive laughter from the audience, but his comedy act quickly deteriorated into terrible, tasteless jokes about Hillary Clinton. People in the room became visibly uncomfortable, even breaking out into boos.


  2. Former Republican October 21, 2016 12:14 pm

    Thanks for that Leia. He deserved the booing.

  3. Rustbelt Democrat October 22, 2016 4:33 pm

    After the election is over, I bet that the next thing we hear about Trump is probably going to be him and Melania divorcing.

  4. Ronald October 22, 2016 10:37 pm

    Rustbelt Democrat, you just might be correct!

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