Day: September 15, 2016

Donald Trump, If President, Would Be Third Heaviest At Inauguration, After William Howard Taft And Grover Cleveland!

We have now learned that Donald Trump, who would be our oldest President first term at inauguration, would also be the third heaviest President we have had.

William Howard Taft was about 330-350 pounds in office, and Grover Cleveland was about 250-260 pounds when President.

Donald Trump admits to 237 pounds, but some reports say he may be as much as 267.

His age is part of the issue, and he said his exercise is moving his hands a lot at rallies, a preposterous assertion.

Trump could have health issues developing, and he admits to loving junk food.

One must recall that Taft was 73 at death, and Cleveland was 71.

So being 70 and seven months at the time of taking the oath could be a problem, giving us a potential President Mike Pence.

The thought is horrifying!