The Health Issue With Two “Senior Citizen” Presidential Nominees

This blogger has discussed on this blog and on History News Network and in other social media posts of his concern about having two older nominees as the final competitors for the Presidency, as Donald Trump would be older than Ronald Reagan at inauguration, and Hillary Clinton would be only about eight months younger than Ronald Reagan at inauguration.

No one wants to say that older nominees, those who are “senior citizens”, are at greater danger of having health issues or even facing death, than younger nominees, but that is a basic reality.

What is now required after the near fainting and buckling of Hillary Clinton at the September 11 commemoration event in New York City is the demand and requirement that both Clinton and Donald Trump MUST be expected to give FULL details on their health, and that should include a basic psychological testing as well, as Donald Trump’s behavior and statements make one wonder about his mental stability.

Full transparency is required, but it also should not be demagogically exploited by Donald Trump and his surrogates, which, unfortunately, is guaranteed to occur in the coming days and weeks, making it a major campaign issue.

The now emerging news that Hillary Clinton has Pneumonia, which was diagnosed on Friday, complicates the issue of the first scheduled Presidential debate to weeks from Monday, whether it will have to be delayed or canceled. And Pneumonia is a serious issue, and right now, we have to hope for a full recovery for Hillary Clinton, and no one should play politics with this.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton wanted to follow through on honoring the dead from September 11, and that is why she showed up today, although having the diagnosis on Friday.

But knowing Donald Trump, do not be surprised that he will exploit it in a disgusting way, which should, if people are decent, backfire on him, whether it is done indirectly by Rudy Giuliani or some other despicable surrogate, or by the candidate himself.

6 comments on “The Health Issue With Two “Senior Citizen” Presidential Nominees

  1. Rational Lefty September 12, 2016 12:58 pm

    Agreed, Leia. Showing the video of her stumbling 40+ times is when I consider you running something into the ground.

  2. Former Republican September 12, 2016 4:54 pm

    Washington Monthly says that her health isn’t really a major issue. They said that health only becomes an issue if there’s a serious chronic condition that might endanger the president’s life or impact their ability to do their job. So far there has been no evidence that Clinton has such a condition.

    They advise that the mainstream press shouldn’t be feeding the conspiracy trolls on the right, as the example of Chris Cilizza’s Washington Post headline does. 

    They also went on to say that the Clinton campaign can be faulted for this: if they knew she had pneumonia on Friday, they should probably have admitted that and gotten in front of the story. There is no way for a 68-year-old human being with pneumonia to hide it and power through a packed campaign schedule. As usual with the Clinton camp, it’s not the substance of problems that hurt her, but rather the guarded secrecy with which she and her advisers handle them. It hurts her more than it helps her in the long run, and turns mole hills into mountains.

  3. Southern Liberal September 12, 2016 10:10 pm

    Lawrence O’Donnell is blasting the news media tonight over their coverage of Hillary’s health.

  4. Pragmatic Progressive September 13, 2016 12:14 pm

    I watched yesterday’s non-stop “concern” for Hillary’s health issue, then read about Alex Jones’ ecstasy over watching her buckling at the knees. Gross. Then, Trump surrogates stated that Hillary thinks all Americans are deplorable while making excuses for white nationalist and David Duke love for Trump. Disgusting. Trump’s 47% moment actually was reported last June as 50%, and Kellyanne Conway had some of her own deplorable remarks about Trump supporters prior to joining the Trump train.

    Lawrence O’Donnell’s piece last night about media chasing the wrong stories was correct; ignoring the dangers of Trump’s signaling that a “gesture” could initiate WWIII were underscored by Giuliani’s insistence about “anything goes,” nothing’s illegal during war. (video of what he said:

     This upside-down campaign is torture!

  5. Ronald September 13, 2016 12:35 pm

    Pragmatic Progressive, you are totally correct in your assessment,and Lawrence O’Donnell is absolutely brilliant in his assertions all of the time!

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