Tone And Temperament Harm Donald Trump With Voters, Will Prevent Expansion Of His Base!

Donald Trump’s tone and temperament are harming his Presidential campaign, and will prevent expansion of his base beyond a percentage of Republican voters.

A Bloomberg poll shows Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 49-37 today, and that includes Libertarian Gary Johnson with 9 percent.

So if one assumes that Gary Johnson will wither in support, then it seems likely that Hillary Clinton will have a larger lead in the future than just 12 points.

If that happens, then we are on the way to an electoral landslide of massive proportions.

It is still, of course, much too early to predict that, but it is clear that Donald Trump’s tone and temperament are greatly undermining his candidacy, and if he does not pivot very soon, and change his tune of misogyny, nativism, racism, and xenophobia, there is no way that Trump can possibly win the Presidency.

He has very little of an organized campaign in the “swing” states, and lives in delusion that he can, somehow, compete and win in California and New York, the two largest “Blue” states.

Donald Trump is self defeating, and his failure to change his tone and temperament will doom him in November!

One comment on “Tone And Temperament Harm Donald Trump With Voters, Will Prevent Expansion Of His Base!

  1. D June 15, 2016 8:27 am

    Donald Trump is a disaster.

    He represents the type of candidate who has one wondering, momentarily, if he is running to give us one hell of a crazy joke.

    Trump, at this point, comes across like he is there to scare the hell out of the sane—and keep entertained those who take personal pride in being on, and always vote for, Team Red.

    In 2012, the Barack Obama re-election team created a “choice” campaign for the 44th president over Mitt Romney. It seems that, whether intended, this is the theme Hillary Clinton may incorporate for herself over Donald Trump. (That, for those who will vote, the framing is already there.)

    When the time arrives, the voting electorate will end up doing just that. At some point—and it will be November 08, 2016—“The Donald Trump Runs for President Special” will conclude. He will either get elected the 45th president—or will he lose to Hillary Clinton. But, clearly, nothing—and no one—lasts forever. And my guess is that the national voting electorate will see fit to choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump because, in part, they will reach a consensus that says, “We will be shutting you down, Donald Trump.”

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