Strength And Stamina: Hillary Has Proven It, Trump Has Not!

Donald Trump has kept on saying that Hillary Clinton has low energy and lacks strength and stamina, a totally ridiculous assertion.

Hillary Clinton traveled about one million miles in four years as Secretary of State, which required an amazing amount of stamina, strength, and energy. She gained the respect of foreign leaders all over the world, including in nations that look down upon women as leaders, as in the Middle East.

Hillary Clinton campaigned tirelessly as a Presidential candidate in 2008, and now again in 2016, and in her years in the US Senate from New York, she worked tirelessly to make life better for her constituents and for America.

Meanwhile, Trump has NOT traveled a million miles; never has learned about foreign policy and foreign cultures; and has had an easy life, barking orders and commands at his subordinates, and gaining an inflated view of his own knowledge and expertise, while his life experiences have been a story of disastrous bankruptcies, scandals, and broken marriages.

Trump does not have the moral and ethical standards we demand of our President, and the country would have to go insane to elect him, as he is the worst qualified person to be President in all of American history, bar none!

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