Day: January 8, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden Has Regrets, And So Do Many Democrats Who Hoped He Would Run For President In 2016!

In twelve days, Vice President Joe Biden enters his eighth and last year as Vice President of the United States.

Biden has been a “jewel” for President Barack Obama, being a great contributor and supporter to all of of Obama’s many tough decisions.

Biden has been willing to challenge Obama on some issues, but always supportive after the decision is made.

Biden has also been a spur to change, as when he pushed Obama into support of gay marriage before the President was ready to state so.

Joe Biden has given this nation 43 years of dedicated public service, and he has always put his full energies and full commitment to this nation.

Biden is now expressing regrets that he chose not to run, due to the mourning over his son Beau, who died of cancer at the end of last May.  By the time he felt he was ready, emotionally and physically, the deadline for a serious entrance had passed, as he told us in October.  Many of his millions of supporters also regret that he is not in the race, forcing them to choose between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Biden is such a good soldier, such a passionate person in his work life, that to see him retire in a year seems ridiculous, so that is why if Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President, she should appoint Joe Biden to be the Secretary of State for the next four year term, with his great experience and knowledge of foreign policy, including his Chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for two two year terms.