Day: October 25, 2015

Interviews On “Assassinations, Threats, And The American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson To Barack Obama” Mounting On Blog!

This blogger and author is in the midst of doing interviews, having done 25 by this date, and 12 of them are now available on the right side of this blog, under “Interviews” for those who wish to listen.

Additionally, an Op-Ed on the dangers and threats to the President and Presidential candidates, published on the website this past Thursday, one of the leading news sites for politics and government, is available under the heading of Op-Eds.

As more interviews and other activities regarding the book occur, readers will see them added, and I welcome my readers to listen and watch, and feel free to comment on the topic of the book, and the book itself!

And I encourage my readers to consider purchase of my book, which is a good read on a very important topic!