First Radio Interviews For My Book: “Assassinations, Threats, And The American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson To Barack Obama” Scheduled!

It is 18 days until my book, “Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama” is published and available.

But I have just been informed that I have eight radio interviews already scheduled—radio stations in Knoxville, Tennessee; Boston, Massachusetts; Online Radio with host formerly from Seattle, Washington radio station; Memphis, Tennessee; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York, New York (this one 60 minutes live); a syndicated podcast via i tunes national; and Online/YouTube and eventually uploaded to YouTube on the Author/Story Channel (30 minutes on Skype).

The interviews will range from four of 10 minutes each; one of 20 minutes; one of 25 minutes; one of 30 minutes; and one of 60 minutes.

Hopefully, most, if not all of these interviews, and others to follow, will be available, eventually, and be put on this blog, and would be accessed from the right side Blogroll under Interviews and/or Videos.

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