A Four Year College Education Is Worth $1 Million in Lifetime Income!

It is clear that college debt is a massive problem, and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is promoting a plan to make interest rates manageable, as if college graduates and students cannot buy homes, cars, have children, etc, then the future American economy, as well as their own futures, is gloomy.

However, despite this reality, new studies demonstrate that a four year college degree leads to a difference, in financial terms, of $1 million over a lifetime, so assuming a 40 year career, that is $25,000 more per year over a lifetime!

That is not taking into account when one has a professional or graduate training, where the difference in income is massive!

The point is that those who say forget a college education, are making a great mistake, not thinking in the long run, and also forgetting that education in itself opens up one’s mind; improves one’s life; makes for a more literate, educated society; and promotes tolerance and open mindedness!

So the goal should still be for any citizen to get the most education he or she is capable of, even if that education is not utilized directly at their work. The quality of life itself is enough reason for more education, not less!

3 comments on “A Four Year College Education Is Worth $1 Million in Lifetime Income!

  1. Ali June 25, 2014 2:30 pm

    I’m starting my bachelors in History & Political Science at UCF in the fall as a junior then I plan to attend law school after that. So while I’m sure I’ll get some loans for law school I am still fairly confident the benefits of the law degree will be well worth it. I mean college allows you to pursue your passions I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to do that or would listen to people telling them not to go. I mean I already saved money by completing general education requirements and my AA at Broward college where I had the good luck of having you for some of my history classes.

    Also unrelated but have you heard of the new James Franco, Seth Rogan movie coming out entitled the Interview in which they plot to kill Kim jong un ;


    Apparently the little man is having a hissy fit and is calling it an act of war O.o


    I’d be interested to see your view point on it.

  2. Ronald June 25, 2014 3:01 pm

    Ali, I commend you for your plans for a bachelors degree and law school.

    An education is always worth it long term for so many reasons.

    Thanks for your kind words about me!

    As far as the funny Kim Jong Un film, I think it is hilarious, and am bemused at the reaction of the North Korean maniac whacko! LOL

    I would not worry, however, about war over it, as Kim Jong Un is just, simply, a kid in a job that he is not qualified to hold, and I think there will, eventually, hard to believe, be an overthrow of his government and his death will result!

  3. Ali June 25, 2014 3:33 pm

    You’re welcome. I’ve pretty much been a history nerd my entire life so I have always enjoyed history classes. I really appreciated however that you really knew what you were talking about off the top of your head. I’ve had some professors who basically just read off a power point and have no idea what they are talking about if you were to take it away. I always felt as if you were very knowledgeable on the subject matter though, made class enjoyable.

    I’m not very worried either but definitely very amused. I bet James Franco & Seth Rogan are eating up all the publicity they are getting right now LOL I don’t know what in Kim’s mind actually makes him believe making a big deal about it is going to make people want to see it less. This just gave it massive press, the best publicity you can get, they couldn’t buy better coverage. I for one am almost certainly going to go see it when it comes out lol

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